Feb 19, 2010

End of the week musings

*You know it's been cold when a 37 degree morning feels warm.

*I'm excited to finish The Bell Jar this weekend - review and busy bookworm update coming next week!

*Thanks for all the my life in pictures request - I'll post some pics next week! (If you want to chime in, go here).

*I get that people might be sick of snow, but what's all this crazy spring talk? It's only February!

*All the athletes in the Olympics are amazing. Even if they didn't medal I hope they realize they made it to the Olympics! And how brave are those women who crashed on the downhill run, got up, and walked off the course?!

*All of you who love Lauren Graham as much as I do - she's going to be in a new series called Parenthood on NBC - it'll be Tuesdays once the Olympics are finished!

*Olivia is giving away one of her delightful cake stands! Simply check out her Etsy shop, tell her which plate if your favorite, and leave a comment here! My fav? The Lucy plate.

*And last but not least, a little something that will (hopefully) make you smile. The mister and I were watching our nine-year old nephew (Brandon) Saturday night, and Ben was helping him beat a level for a game on his Nintendo DS. I was reading a magazine (not really paying attention), when I heard them arguing about how to get some coins on one of the levels. They went back and forth for a few minutes, when Brandon goes, "That's okay Ben, you just think what you what, I'll think what I want, and we'll call it a day." I had to bury my face in my magazine to keep from laughing out loud! Great advice, but so funny because it was the absolute last thing we expected him to say!

What about you dear readers? What are your weekend plans? Anyone else have funny one-liners from kids? Happy Friday!


Janine / Being Brazen said...

I am going to a wedding tomorrow, which should be fun.

Have a lovely weekend!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is really funny - it sounds like your nephew is wise beyond his years! :)

I am heading home for the weekend. I can't wait - will be so good to see my parents!!

Have a great weekend!!

Jess said...

Kids rock. They come up with such hilarious stuff sometimes.

I too, am a huge fan of Lauren Graham (I actually cried when Gilmore Girls ended), and cannot wait for Parenthood. Which, even if it sucks, I will still watch just for my Lauren Graham loyalty.

Wow. I'm a 12 year old girl.

Nicole said...

I know what you mean about upper 30s seeming warm. Earlier this winter even the low 30s felt warm compared to the negative wind chills we were having for a while.

And the story about your nephew makes me smile. Cute!

Have a great weekend!

Gracie said...

I loved The Bell Jar. Taken at face value and not over-interpreted, it was a simply a good read and well-told autobiography. I also read it around the time one of my close friends was diagnosed (and hospitalized) with bipolar disorder and I think that made it more meaningful for me.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Scott said...

My nephew, Chris, (Jess's husband) has always had a deadpan sense of humor. And this makes his observations funnier than mine could ever be!

My last pet was a tarantula, named "Charlotte". Charlotte lived a very long time--about 13 years. When I first got her, it was during the Christmas Holidays, and my whole family (including Chris) was over at my parents' in Mobile. I sat on the hearth, proudly displaying my new pet to my family--and of course they weren't particularly impressed! Chris sat on the couch, opposite the hearth. And after the women left the room (my grandma in complete revulsion), Chris remained. I had Charlotte in an aquarium-type tank. So proud of her--and of myself for being unafraid to handle her!

And Chris said, with no expression or exclamation whatsoever, "That's really gross, Uncle Scott." It was classic--absolutely hilarious--I couldn't help but laugh, even then!

VanessasRunway said...

Those are some very fun things planned! Hope it all went lovely! And hopefully it gets warmer 37 degrees?! yikes!

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