Feb 12, 2010


So today is the first day I'm going back to work since last Friday! The federal government is open, just in time for us to have a three day weekend.

(A Valentine's Day present from my sweet mother-in-law)

I have officially dug out of eight hundred three feet of snow, and had not one but TWO different people take the spots I have been previously parked in. (Yeah, basically everyone who lives in our apartment complex sucks). I have painted my nails so many times that the mister now rolls his eyes when I bring out any kind of polish.

I have started and finished two books, finished seasons of TV shows, and cleaned everything in our apartment. Hmmm. Maybe it is time to go back to work.

One of the movies I watched this week was The Answer Man, staring Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham. I'm a big fan of Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls represent!), but I wasn't sure what to expect. The movie was cute, funny, and a little quirky.

However, at one point Jeff Daniels says something to Lauren Graham's character (Elizabeth) and it resonated with me so much I wanted to share it with you all. (In this quote Daniels is talking about God).

"...He knows. And He wants you to know that you are enough and so much more. You are here so God can experience the world through your eyes. See what you see. Feel what you feel. Every day He can't wait to see what you'll do. What makes you laugh, what moves you, He can't wait! Every day through you He falls in love with the world all over again. Elizabeth, you are His muse."


And now on a totally separate note (and to leave you laughing), here are two separate sleep texts I received from my sister this week. I'm typing these how she wrote them - with no capitalization, because who needs that when you're sleeping?

"nard dog puked big big balloon chunks & then got run into a swamp by chuck norrisss. no human can beat walker texas rangerrr. hes his own color scheme of power ranger."

And then a few nights later...

"all peter rabbit wanted was to be loved, even if he did steal veggies from the mean old grumpy farmer with no retirement $ or pension. this economy affects everyone"

I don't even have words. Happy Friday readers! What are your weekend plans? Anyone else have a three-day weekend? Happy Valentine's Day friends!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I need to add that to my netflix list - sounds like a cute movie & I love the actors in it!

No 3-day weekend for me, unfortunately. I could really use a bit of a break from work but it's not in the cards for me... I am spending vday with my nephews - or at least the night before.

Enjoy your long weekend!!

Jess said...

My husband works for a law firm so when the govt is closed, so is he. So yeah...all of the fam has been home ALL WEEK. Thankfully he went back to work today.

And thank GOD I can finally get out of my house. I had someone steal my assigned, numbered space yesterday. I totally parked perpendicular to their rear end so they had to come ring my bell to leave.

Jennifer said...

All of Lauren Graham's movies are good because she's quirky in all of them. The reason she was such a good Lorelei is because that's like her real life personality. Just watch her on Ellen, lol. And don't even lie, you love my sleep texts :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

Oh wow, I've never heard of someone sleep texting before... those are hilarious!

Now I really want to see The Answer Man. I heart Lauren Graham so much!

erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

I love, LOVE, LOVE Lauren Graham. I want to be her (well, actually I want to be Lorelai). I will check out the movie!

Amber said...

Lucky you for getting a whole unexpected week off of work! Those socks are so cute!

Have a GREAT weekend! Xo

Scott said...

I haven't seen "The Answer Man". But I've thought about that before too. God is not human, God is not inhuman. God is beyond human--so far that we cannot even comprehend God. But does God enjoy human experiences through us?

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