Feb 26, 2010

The great table debate

Meet my newest love.

Metro Chic Sephora by OPI - quite possibly the most perfect shade of gray. I'm not taking it off my nails. Ever. (I enjoy nail polish but my love for this is bordering on unhealthy).

How was your week readers? I've spent the majority of mine talking about tables. Actually that's not true, I've spent the majority of my time talking about a specific table - ours to be exact.

We never use our table - we like sitting on the floor, or the couch, and the table became more of a dumping ground than a place to eat. Our apartment is tiny enough where we don't really entertain a lot (and when we do, it's never centered around dinner), and we decided if someone else could use our table and free up space for us it's a win-win. (We're giving it to my lovely sister-in-law).

All our friends (around our age) were all for the getting rid of the table idea when we told them about it. But the reactions of some people (like the age of our parents), was "where are you going to eat?" They couldn't wrap their heads around it. I figure when we move into a bigger place we'll get an actual dining room table - one that can fit four people (the number of chairs we had) comfortably around it.

In the meantime, we brought the couch from our bedroom (yeah, we have a lot of furniture), out into the living room. We have so much more seating now and this has inspired us to re-arrange our bedroom too - by the end of the weekend it's going to feel like a whole new apartment! (I'm going to have to give you all updates of my living room in pictures).

What do you think dear readers? Do you have a kitchen or dining room table? Do you use it a lot? Do you have dinner parties? Any plans this weekend? Happy Friday!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have a small table but only use it when I have a guest for dinner or am entertaining. Otherwise I sit on my couch when eating my meals since it feels too weird to sit alone at my table!

I think it's hard for the older generation to wrap their head around the fact that we don't sit at a table when eating our meals!

Tara said...

Until a couple weeks ago, we had a foozball table in our dining room. We always eat on the couch in front of the tv. I figure once we get into a new house and have kids, then we'll get a real dining room table...and maybe even eat on it.

Muznah said...

our multi-tasking table serves as a food table, craft table, study table, drawing table all in one.

God bless wood! :)

Nicole said...

I have a decent dining room/kitchen table, but use it mostly as my desk. The real desk in my bedroom is so small that I can't do any work at it. So the table has become my everything space.

Tracie Nall said...

We never use out table to eat at (in fact, our computer is sitting on it right now, so I totally relate to what you are saying. My mom, on the other hand, thinks we are crazy. It must be a generational thing. The funny part of it is that when I was growing up, we never used our table either, so I'm not sure what she is so upset about.

Amber said...

For my 20th birthday my dad bought me a GORGEOUS dark wood table and a matching armoire/wine cabinet type thing. It's one of those tables that's tall and has tall chairs. I absolutely love it.

One day, it will be a beautiful piece for my HOUSE. BUT since I'm moving into a VERY small apartment soon I am having to put it in storage. In the new apartment I have stools to sit at the counter with and I often eat on the couch or at my desk anyways so I totally know what you mean.

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