Feb 22, 2010

My life in pictures: Living room style

First up, the living room - at the request of both Lisa and Kinsey. Keep in mind that we have a tiny apartment (684 square feet people), so a lot of these shots have the same furniture in them, they're just from different angles.

View to the right from our front door

Front door is to my right

The majority of my books (there are of course more scattered throughout!)

Standing in our kitchen - the door on the left is our front door, the one straight ahead goes to our patio and to the right of that is the mister's studio/drawing area

So there you have it readers! How was your weekend? Hope your week is off to a great start!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for showing us your home! I love the bookshelves. :)

My weekend was great - it was so wonderful to be home for the weekend. I need to do that more often as it was so restful/relaxing for me!

Scott said...

Very nice! I live in a house, with two or three times as much space--but it's so cluttered (I'm a compulsive hoarder), that your neat apartment probably has more free space! I envy you!

Sara Strand said...

Cute!! And I'm really jealous of your book stash. :)

Nicole said...

What an impressive book collection. I wish I had more room for additional bookshelves. I also live in a tiny apartment.

Amber said...

ooooh you have so many books!!! Hehe!

I love what you've done with a small space. I'm moving into a space about that size (maybe a little smaller) next month from a 900 sq foot apartment so I have A LOT of downsizing to do. Should be interesting.... Haha

Anonymous said...

Look at all those books! And, yay! I found your comments. I thought you had them off.

Anonymous said...

I am so incredibly jealous of your book collection. Your apartment would keep me busy for hours. ;)

Lisa said...

I love this little peak into your life--especially the bookshelves! Aww! And, for your most recent post, I wish I knew more about html. :( I'm sorry!

Unknown said...

Okay, that's a nice arrangement for a small room full of books. I have to say, I noticed there's a carpeted floor. Now that reminds me of my old good white rug that got a serious stain when my son accidentally knocked a glass of cranberry juice! I have to call the carpet cleaner (Greensboro, NC) guy who had been servicing us for years now. We rely on carpet cleaners (Greensboro) to do the works 'coz we just can't handle it. Anyway, I'll bookmark your blog for future ideas. My husband and I are gonna renovate the whole house. Thanks!

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