Feb 10, 2010

Snow Etiquette 101

Don't let this scenic picture fool you. I came thisclose to losing it last night.

The mister took my car out yesterday - to go shovel some snow at his aunt's house and to run some errands. A good day to do it because it was supposed to start snowing again later on. (And it did - I am currently enjoying another snow day today!)

Imagine how fun it was when he came home and someone had parked in our spot. You know, the spot we shoveled out for 2 days? Yeah. That one. It seriously took every ounce of restraint I had to not do physical damage to their vehicle. We spent TWO days clearing that spot out! Hours and hours of shoveling!

Luckily, there was another spot that was open, but that really doesn't make it any better. Unless the inconsiderate a-hole person took our spot just because, that means someone is still out of a spot tonight.

There are just some things you don't do when it snows. You don't pile snow behind another car, you don't eat the yellow snow (this was advice from my lovely husband), and you don't take the spot someone else cleared out!

Okay - rant over. How is your week going readers? If you have anything funny I would love to hear it - talk me off the ledge people!

Happy hump day!

*Disclaimer: Yes, I realize in the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal - even this week the mister and I have been handling things that have nothing to do with snow, and everything to do with real life and things that matter. But sometimes you just need to vent.

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Stevie said...

We have had unseasonably warm weather out here in the Pacific Northwest and I've been wanting snow SO badly after seeing all the pictures and stuff. But that just sounds so frustrating! I wish we could be kids again where a snow day meant sledding and throwing snowballs at the neighbor boys, not shoveling snow and trying to drive in the bad conditions to get to work. Stay safe and hopefully that selfish a-hole gets a nice fat dose of Karma :-)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That sucks that someone took your spot. Some people are really inconsiderate/lazy like that. :( Not fun.

I can't believe how much snow you guys have gotten!

I unfortunately have no fun stories for you. This week has been a tough one for me at work, so I am also having a sort of crappy week....

But Vday is just around the corner & I get to spend Sat evening w/ my 2 nephews! Can't wait!

Lucy The Valiant said...

You really ARE getting a ton of snow!

I would be so mad about the spot-stealing, too. I would want to leave a strongly worded note, at the very least!

Amber said...

Oh that is SO ANNOYING. I have a PRIME parking spot at my apartment building. RIGHT in front of the front door and steps away from my patio door. So whenever I come home and someone is parked there, I will park behind them and block them in. It specifically says on a HUGE sign that that parking spot is for apartment #108 so WTF are they doing parking there?? It's usually a guest and I find it quite hilarious when they come out to find their car blocked in and have to come knocking on my door!

That has only happened about 3 times, normally they come out right away and see me there waiting behind them, glaring, and move their car apologetically!

AO said...

wooosaaahhhhh. I love you, hahah!!

Jess said...

Oh, girl...I would have lost it. We live in a townhouse, with parking spaces out front, so I KNOW how furious you must have been. Same thing for us. If someone parks in your shoveled space? It's war.

the southern hostess said...

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