Feb 25, 2010

Some Etsy Love

Hi readers! Please welcome my latest guest blogger in the series of wanting to hear more from you. Meet Kinsey Michaels, who writes a fun blog about life, fashion, and fabulous martinis. She also shares my love for all things Etsy. Take it away Kinsey!

I discovered Etsy about six months ago. It is a haven for anyone with an inner crafty side, and for anyone that loves to shop for unique, handmade items. I most recently purchased a silver necklace carved into the state of California, a place I once called my home! Check out these fabulous finds.

Monogrammed Bookmark - $2.50These darling paper bookmarks add a personalized touch to your reading experience!

Pink Peruvian Opal Ring
- $50.00This ring is so beautiful!

Cozy Handknit Wool Socks
- $34.99Colorful and perfect for the winter months.

Key Heart Necklace - $18.00Key necklaces are all the rage right now. The antique brass key is accompanied by a tag with a beautiful quote.

Personalized Note Cards - $16.00Classic and a great gift, or for yourself :)

Lacy Heart Dish - $23.00This dainty heart dish was made by pressing lace into clay and filling the imprint with a raspberry glaze.

Tutti Frutti Quilted Potholders - $11.00The colorful fruits bring a cheerfulness to your kitchen.

Polka Dot Handpainted Martini Glasses - $25.00

There is nothing better than sipping a martini out of a perfectly decorated martini glass, such as this pair of 2 that are handpainted.

What about you dear readers? (I'm lovin' those note cards). Any of you love Etsy as much as Kinsey and I do? Anything else we should be checking out there? Thanks to Kinsey for this post and all these great finds! Be sure to check out her blog! Happy almost Friday friends!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I also love Etsy! So many great finds and I love supporting small entrepreneurs! Here are a couple of faves of mine:

I bought some Paris prints for my room from this seller: http://www.etsy.com/shop/irenesuchocki

I have thought about buying prints from this seller:

I have wanted to buy headbands from this seller, which is actually a friend from college!

Lots of great stuff out there! Oh, and I bought a hat from Nicole this week! (http://www.etsy.com/shop/nichelli21)

Nicole said...

I love Etsy so much! I have too many favorites to list in a comment section. I was already thinking of starting a weekly feature of my favorites. Maybe I'll start that today!

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