Mar 9, 2010

Another celebration!

Today is my sister's birthday. My baby sister. She's 19. Holy cow. But to me she'll always be that little curly-headed blonde who I would color with (and let's be honest, still do, because who doesn't love coloring?). The little one who watched Barney so much I can still sing the songs. The one I used to sing to in order to get her to stop crying, and who would come bring me a book before her bedtime so we could read together, or a brush after her bath because "mom makes it hurt," when combing through her curls.
 This was taken at our wedding - I LOVE this picture!

The girl I cheered on in soccer, and gripped whoever was sitting next to me's hand when the ball came near her (she was a goalie). The one who I taught to blow dry and straighten her hair, who I applied makeup on for her homecoming and proms. The little girl I watched grow into a teenager, and now a young woman, at college, being on her own, making decisions for herself about the rest of her life. The one who gets me so much that all we have to do is look at each other across a room and crack up because we know what the other is thinking.

Happy Birthday to my baby sister - who's not such a baby anymore. I love you!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aww, what a sweet post! I feel the same about my little sister who turned 22 when I was in AZ.

Happy Birthday to your sister!!

I love that photo, too.

Lucy The Valiant said...

Aw, happy birthday to her!

Jennifer said...

Aww thanks peepee! I love this picture!!! :)

Amber said...

Aww so cute. My little brother turned 17 the other day, couldn't believe it!!

I LOVE that photo!

BFraze said...

Made me cry!

Mandy said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sister! I have two younger cousins -- one on the verge of 15 and the other who is 13. I feel the same way about them.

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