Mar 1, 2010

The coziness of knits

Hi readers! Meet Nicole from My Life with a Crazy Puppy. She's guest blogged for me before, but today I'm interviewing her about her fabulous new etsy shop Nichelli's Knits!

How did you get started with your Etsy shop?

My grandma is the one who got me started knitting years ago. She taught me a really simple stitch, and I didn’t really do anything except work on the same scarf for a few years.

I was really bored one day and went to the local craft store and picked up a circle loom. I first saw my mom and sister using the circle loom, so I knew they were easy to use. I enjoyed making hats, but I quickly had made more than I needed. Since I love Etsy and had always wanted a shop anyway, I decided to set one up.

What inspires you to create pieces?

I think the yarn is really what inspires me. I prefer to use really soft yarn. I also like to play with the colors. I hope to start using some different, high-quality yarns soon.

What’s your favorite piece right now? Does this ever change?

I’d say my favorite piece right now might be the Custom Soft Adult Brimmed Hat. I like how people can chose their own colors and pick something I might not even think of. I also really like how soft the yarn is. But as I’m thinking up new ideas all the time, it’s very possible that I’ll have a new favorite soon.

Do you just do hats or will you be adding other knit items into your shop as well?

I will definitely be adding other items to my shop! I hope to add baby hats within the week. I also want to try my hand at scarves, mitts, ear warmers, and maybe even leg warmers.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Peanut butter! Having low blood sugar, peanut butter has saved me on more than once occasion as a quick source of protein. Also potatoes. I love potatoes! And you can do so much with them.

Do you make things for your Etsy shop full-time or do you have another job/career as well?

I only wish I could do something this fun full time. I currently work full-time for a university while getting ready to start grad school next fall. Maybe some day I could work for myself doing taxes some of the time and hats the rest of the time. But for now, the Etsy show is just a really awesome hobby. I love making the pieces as well as just running the shop.

What do you think dear readers? One of the things I love so much about the hat I got from Nicole is that it was custom-made. I got to choose the color, and the material is so soft! (I might be ordering a scarf to match!)

Thanks for letting me interview you Nicole! Be sure to check out her shop and blog! Happy Monday readers!


Nicole said...

Thanks for the great feature, Becky! Looks great!

Amber said...

Omg, so cute, Nicole! Love them!! (up here in Canada we call them toques ;-))

Kell said...

I wish I knew how to knit. Cute hats!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I just ordered a hat last week & it came while I was on vacation! Love it!! :)

S.I.F. said...

I tried to teach myself how to knit, and it did not turn out well at all! I have a few pot holders that I am pretty sure are unusable because they have so many gaps in them!

Scott said...

My favorite is the rose-colored one--it's close to hot pink. And hot pink and electric blue are my two favorite colors--kind of androgynous, huh!

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