Mar 11, 2010

The five guys you might meet next Wednesday

Hi readers! Please welcome the next guest blogger in the series of wanting to hear more from you. Meet Brooke, someone I met through the work environment but has become a close and dear friend. She's here to share some fun insights into the world of dating!

I've been in the dating game for a while now. As a 26 year old girl who has been dating for the better part of a decade, I have come in contact with many different types of men. So, with St. Patrick's Day approaching, and thinking that some of your may be celebrating with some green beer, I decided to share some of my observations on some of the classic types of men I've come across. Just call me Dian Fossey of the urban jungle...

The Frat Boy (AKA Mr. Brotherhood): This man can be found on or around any college campus. Hell, he doesn't even need the college campus, as long as he has his well-worn TKE shirt from the Spring of '02. He tends to be a fun-loving guy who can rock out to Journey on the karaoke machine or punish an opponent at the beer pong table. I admit, this man is not for everyone, but as a former sorority girl, I have a soft spot in my heart for Mr. Brotherhood. He may be all about fun at the moment, but his loyalty and dedication could potentially foray into valuable traits for a future relationship (as long as you don't try to get in between him and that well worn t-shirt). Definitely give Mr. Brotherhood a chance this Wednesday.

The Bad Boy (AKA Mr. Dylan McKay): Okay, I couldn't resist the opportunity to reference 90210. This man tends to be intriguing and mysterious, the ultimate bad boy. He can introduce you to new and exciting things, but in my experience he does not open up enough to let this friendship eveolve into a true relationship. Enjoy the ride with Mr. Dylan McKay, learn what he has to teach you, but don't get too attached, because in the end, you are sure to get hurt.

The Workaholic (AKA Mr. 401K): I have to admit, this man is pretty new to me. Growing up in upstate New York, life seemed to move a little slower than it does in my new home of Northern Virginia. Here, you tend to run into a crowd of young professionals everywhere you go. Mr. 401K is the guy in the trendy lounge wearing a power tie and talking about his 5 year plan. He will most likely start a conversation with you by asking where you work or referencing the politics section of The Washington Post. While Mr. 401K may not be for everyone (who wants to talk about work all the time?) he does have some really great traits. He's dedicated, responsible, and has his life together. Those could all easily translate into a solid relationship.

The Man Child (AKA Mr. Peter Pan): The polar opposite of Mr. 401K (or perhaps I should say Arch Enemy) would be Mr. Peter Pan, the man who doesn't want to grow up. You've no doubt had a run in or two with this guy already. Mr. Peter Pan seems to be the fastest growing section of the male population under thirty. This man's most prized possession is his game system, comic book collection, or a combination of the two. While some girls may think this, "I won't grow up" attitude is immature, I find it endearing. I think there is something so genuine about a man who is comfortable enough with himself that he can reveal his inner geek. If you run into Mr. Peter Pan this Wednesday, challenge him to a game of darts or discuss the latest geek-tastic movie. If you are lucky, he may just bring out the inner child in you. Hmm...I wonder what ever happened to my Barbies...

The One (AKA Mr. Perfect): This is the most elusive gorilla in the mist. Mr. Perfect can show up in any category, and he's different for everyone. Finding Mr. Perfect can be as frustrating as trying to find Waldo, but he's well worth the hunt. If you do find Mr. Perfect this Wednesday (hey, it could happen anytime), you definitely have to let all of us know on Love Everyday Life!

Have you already found your Mr. Perfect? How did you know? Anyone ever have an interesting run in with one of these types of guys? Any other types you want to share stories about? Leave comments below and we can chit chat.

Thanks for this great post, Brooke! Can't wait to hear what your stories, readers! Happy almost Friday! 

(Photo: Johnny Santo Domingo via A Cup of Jo)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This was a fun post! :) I have met or date most of these types. I was just talking about how my ideal type has sort of shifted since my early/mid 20s. In my mid 20's I would have been all about Mr 401k. Now, after dating a couple of extremely driven people, I'm not as enamored by them. It's great to be driven but sometimes they tend to focus more on their career than their relationships... So now given the choice between a lawyer & a teacher, I'd actually probably choose a teacher!

Anonymous said...

This is so good. Spot on really. And I am sure to probably meet a bunch more frat guys and bad boys, the only kind that exist in the college life... I wake up convincing myself daily that Mr. Perfect is on his way.. or just got lost.


Hannah Katy

Amber said...

Lol. Great post! I still go to college so I see Mr. Frat Boy A LOT.

I would say Eric is a mix between Mr. Peter Pan and Mr. 401K - weirdly enough. He loves his job and is an extremely hardworker and never shy's away from a new task at work but since (thankfully) his job isn't one that can come home with him at night after work he tends to wear his homer simpson slippers and game out with his x-box for hours at a time.

Darcie said...

Brooke, what a great post! You should have your own blog...really!

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