Mar 31, 2010

I'm a glasses girl

I haven't worn contacts since the mister and I got married two and a half years ago. Part of the reason is I never found contacts that eventually didn't give me headaches/make my eyes tired, but most of it is by choice. I'd always had metal frames for glasses, but about six months before our wedding I got a pair of rectangular plastic frames and I loved them! Not too long ago I got my current frames, which was the first time I chose glasses that I didn't want to blend in. I wanted them to stand out a little and I'm so happy with my choice!

I'm a bridesmaid in a dear friend's wedding in Chicago at the end of June. I'm so happy for her and her soon-to-be husband - they are fabulous together and I can't wait to share in their day! However, this means I have decisions to make. Huge, life-altering decisions like...what am I going to do with my hair?

This is where you come in dear readers. Here's what you need to know. The bridesmaids are wearing this dress (love!), the ceremony is outside in a beautiful gazebo, I want to have my hair all up, and I will be rockin' my glasses.

Below are pictures of three hair styles I'm considering. I want to try a side bun, but I don't want it to look like something is growing out of the side of my head. (Don't worry, I'm getting my hair done, there's no way I'm attempting any of this on my own). I like the side bun idea because I think if my hair is all up and back it might look too severe with my glasses. (I no longer have pierced ears so the only jewelry above the dress neckline would be a necklace I have yet to find). Will you help me decide?

The lovely Nicole Kidman is the first picture I found, and she's definitely the closest to my complexion
 (so it's easier for me to picture), but I'm not sure the tendril is the way to go for an outdoor wedding in June.

Next up is the gorgeous Penelope Cruz - beautifully chic, but I'm afraid hair being slicked back on one side could photograph weird.

And last but not least, the fabulous Julianne Hough. If I didn't do a side bun, I think this is what I'd go for - but not nearly so messy.

All right readers, which one? Nicole? Penelope? Julianne? None of the above?

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Do you prefer one or the other? Anyone else rocked glasses at a wedding?

Happy hump day!

(Photos via Girls in the Beauty Department)


Lucy The Valiant said...

I like the Julianne one the best. And I REALLY like that dress!!

Jess said...

Julianne for sure. I think the other two look a tad goofy. But Julianne's is fabulous.

Gracie said...

I agree, Julianne. Notice how in your most beautiful photos your hair has a similar part and low bun or low ponytail look - it obviously compliments your glasses well! You'll be so cute!

Brooke said...

I like the Nicole Kidman hair! It allows you to try a side bun, and I think it would photograph beautifully. It might be worth having a trial run to see if you like it first. :)

Roxmary said...

I agree with Brooke, I like the Nicole Kidman hair without the tendril of course. Just make it a little looser in the front and I think it would be perfect, but a trial run is probably a must to make sure you really like it. =)

Amber said...

I agree with everyone who said the Nicole Kidman hair without the tendril. Maybe not quite so drastically pulled back though because I also like the looser look of the second two hairstyles!

erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

I wore contacts all through high school-- but because contacts made my eyes dry and sensitive to light I have been wearing glasses ever since! I have frames similar to yours with the big chunky side. When my best friend got married I went blind for the ceremony and put my glasses on during the reception. I knew my friend wouldn't want me to wear them in pictures, so I didnt. Then when I got married I felt the need to get contacts... so I paid a ton of money to get them and only wore them for one day! I LOVE GLASSES!

Dani said...

My vote is on the Julianne style too. I think the Nicole Kidman hair could come off as a little goofy for most women. I think you'll look amazing whether you rock the glasses or don't, but then I've seen you rock glasses with formal wear before. That dress IS amazing, btw. "And just think, you could shorten it and wear it again!" ;-)

Brittany said...

Am I the only vote for Penelope?! Soooo sophisticated, and definitely looks the most do-able!

Stevie said...

Totally Julianne. Even with the messiness, it still looks sophisticated and elegant. And I think it'll look great with the glasses. Can't wait to see pictures!

Nicole said...

Get rid of the tendril, and Nicole's hair looks good. Julianne's hair looks like she just crawled out of bed.

Danielle said...

AHEM!! As the above said BRIDE, this is my opinion. (Not Bridezilla, just excited I am getting married in 2.5 months and want to say Bride as much as possible!)

You are so pretty and so charming that I could put you in a trash bag and you would ROCK it! And YAY! to the chick that likes the BM dress; we are having them shortened to right below the knee ;)

I like the side bun idea and I think that you will totally pull it off. I will say that I think the bun should go to the right so that when we are taking pictures, you will actually be able to see it.

My vote: I would have to say that I like Penelope the best. It's not too tight on her head. It's formal enough but still natural at the same time. Hers just seems to be a nice mix of Nicole and Julianne. I do like Julianne a lot, but knowing you, I think that you want something more secure.

I love you so much and want nothing more than for you to be comfortable and happy with the way you look!!

I can't wait to hug you again :)

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