Mar 15, 2010

A little trip down memory lane

I found my flash drive with all my old college stuff on it and came across the writing poetry course I took. I'd never been a huge fan of poetry before that class, and I struggled in it at first. I was re-reading some of my poems - I laughed at some of them, and smiled at others. I thought I would share a few. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but the third, well - I want to give you a little background. (I know you're not supposed to explain poems, but consider this just a little knowledge to help you along). My brother had really bad asthma when he was younger. And we loved he-man and she-ra.

Made in the 80s

She was made in the 80s
When she stood on Dad's feet while he danced around the room,
And played dress-up in Mom's clothes,
When telling stories to her stuffed animals made grownups smile, not worry,
And falling asleep with un-brushed teeth wasn't the end of the world.

She was made in the 80s
A time when "playing doctor" with a boy meant covering each other in band-aids,
then being brave when it was time to pull them off,
When her parents worried more about her scraping her knee at the bus stop
than being approached by a stranger,
And it wasn't considered sexist when grandpa bought her a doll.

She was made in the 80s
When chicken noodle soup and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cured a tummy ache,
And her biggest concern was protecting her Barbies from her brother,
A time when building a fort and using water guns was okay
as long as you didn't squirt the enemy in the eye.

A time of Rainbow Brite and My little Pony, hula hoops, and New Kids on the block -
All loved by the girl with her hair in a scrunchie.
She was made in the 80s.


I won't miss squeaky floors or leaky bathrooms,
loud neighbors or the constant scream of sirens.
I won't miss staying up 'till 5 am to finish a paper,
especially when the professor decides he won't collect it.
I won't miss 8 am classes,
or having to stay until Friday of exam week.

But I will miss the leaves in the fall,
and the sound of the fountain in the spring.
I'll miss going to class in my PJs,
and the feeling I get when I did well on a paper.

I'll miss trips to Barnes & Noble,
and midnight runs to Wal-Mart,
Eating popcorn with a friend and watching a movie,
even if we only complain about the dialogue.

I'll miss tiramisu from Sal's,
hot chocolate from Yummy's,
and corn dogs from Sonic.

I won't miss boring novels,
but I will miss the discussions that go along with them.

I'll miss Bissett Park, and inside jokes,
the alumni gardens and my apartment.

I'll miss my community of friends,
and the ability to walk across campus to see them.

I'll miss Radford.


It started with a cough - the wheezing soon followed.
A tousled-haired boy, spasms wracking his chest,
the bed transformed to a gurney when their parents
pressed the nebulizer mask over his mouth and nose.

A noise from the corner - there she stood,
His cohort, his partner in crime,
with her cheeky grin and mischievous eyes.

Those eyes glassy and overflowing, no longer twinkled -
salty rivers stained her cheeks.
Her tiny fingers clenched a plastic pink handle, knuckles whitening.
The muscles in her arms grew taut as she pointed the sword at her brother - determined to heal,
while trembling lips brokenly whispered, "I have the power," again and again.

She refused to budge even when his breathing steadied,
loosened her grip only when the mask was removed.
Expelling a shaky breath, she shuffled to his bed,
peered at him to assure her he was okay.
She squeezed his hand, offered the only comfort she knew,
then allowed their father to carry her to her room.

Unable to sleep, she waited until there were no more footsteps.
Armed with her pillow, blanket, and sword, she lay in his doorway -
finally falling asleep to the rhythm of his breathing.

What about you readers? Any fellow poets out there? Hope all of you had a good weekend - happy Monday!

(Photo: Design Crush)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow - totally impressed. Those were all really good. Thanks for sharing.

I have never tried writing poetry. Honestly I never liked it when I was in HS or college. But now that i am older, I have found poetry I love - like the poems I've shared lately by Radmacher!

Lucy The Valiant said...

These are awesome... your college one took me RIGHT back to school, I swear!

Amber said...

These are great, Becky!!

I used to write a bit of "tortured teenager" poetry when I was younger but nothing impressive. My brother writes some poetry and he's actually quite good!

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