Mar 29, 2010

My life in pictures: kitchen edition

You thought I forgot about this didn't you? Thanks for your patience! Amber wanted to see the kitchen and the inside of our fridge. Luckily I just went to the store so it actually has food in it!

Here is our teeny tiny kitchen - it's kind of like a galley kitchen without another entrance.

I'm a big believer in having a lot of stuff on your fridge. Until we have kiddos it'll be whatever, but once they come along it will definitely be artwork and papers with good grades. Anyone else a fan of that?
The right side
Our stackable washer and dryer are in the back, and yes that would be the possessed microwave on the counter. What is that wooden thing above the sink you ask?
The left side
Well, none other than a lovely artifact from the mister's grandfather. It was in my in-laws' house, but it was understood that when Ben moved out after college the picture would go with him. The best part? It lights up. (See the plug on the right?) At first I was horrified when we were moving - I even remember telling my friend Meg that I could not have that thing in my house but it was from his grandfather, what am I going to do?! She and I surveyed the apartment and she saw the space above the sink and said, "put it there. Even Ben realizes it's a tacky, but it'll be funny in the kitchen." So that's where it resides. It actually cracks me up now - especially when we turn it on. (It's on in the picture, I don't know if you can tell). It's actually very useful when we leave the apartment and know it will be dark when we come home - we leave "the deer" (how we refer to it because that's what the picture is), on instead of a big light. Good times.
And last but not least, the inside of our fridge. The organization is the mister's doing - he has very specific rules. Let me break it down for you. Top shelf: drinks/liquids. Second shelf: bread, condiments (like butter), snacks (i.e. pudding cups), etc. Third shelf down: veggies (there are peppers in that country crock container - don't want you to get confused and think there's butter on that shelf!) Bottom shelf: fruit and any leftover meals (hence the spagetthi on the foil-covered plate) The drawers are for salad and any leftover fruit that wouldn't fit on the shelf

He just implemented these rules, so we'll see how long the neatness lasts.

There you have it readers! Our kitchen and fridge! I hope you had a great weekend, and I will get to the rest of the requests to finish this up, soon, I swear!

Happy Monday!


Alison Kinsey said...

Such a fun post. How is the V8 juice by the way? I heard it's really good! I have that same trashcan too!

Gracie said...

My husband's fridge rule is...everything goes on the top shelf because bending over is too much work.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us. That picture is hilarious!!! I have never heard of a picture that lights up like that! Love it.

My fridge is pretty much empty right now. When my parents come this week, they are probably going to think I am starving myself or something. Ha. I'm not. I am just trying not to buy much this week since we are goign to chicago for Easter. It's depressingly empty, though.

beckylbranch said...

You have lots of orange in your fridge! It's just like cribs! LOL! And I have stuff on my fridge too...some owl magnets...go figure!

Amber said...

Haha LOVE it! We just stocked up our fridge on Friday, too. I feel so much better when I have a fully stocked fridge. Haha.

The kitchen is the most important room in the house to me! I chose my current apartment almost solely on the size of the kitchen! Haha

Stevie said...

Our fridge is covered with stuff, too - photos, postcards, random cards with funny pictures or quotes, etc. I love it!

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