Mar 4, 2010

My Life in Pictures: Patio Style

So you've seen my living room - how about behind our building? Nicole said, Going along with the apartment theme, what's the view from your windows?

We live in a ground floor apartment, so we have kind of a nice view behind us. There are some woods, a little creek, and yes, a road on the other side.

This is the view (toward the right) when I'm standing inside our door to our patio. (Our storage unit door is to the left).

This is further out on the patio - it was evening when I took these so it looks a little overcast, but the sun is just setting. However, those lights in the background? Not the sun - those would be tail lights. (Ah, Northern Virginia).

A view (to the right), during all the crazy snow.

Pretty woods!

I didn't take any from our bedroom windows because it's pretty much the same view. I'm working on the other requests - more posts coming soon!

Happy almost Friday readers!