Mar 16, 2010

Pictures that make me laugh

Have any of you ever watched South Park? Yeah, I know, some of the episodes are crude and horrible but some are also really funny. Like the one where Cartman tries to make a platinum album of Christian music. The best part of that episode is when Cartman's trying to get his friends to pose for their album cover. He says the albums always have the people looking off into the distance.

Last week when my sister was hanging out with us, she and the mister went to the creek behind our apartment building because there were a bunch of ducks.
I know they're looking at the ducks. But all I can think of when I look at this picture is what Cartman kept saying about people looking off in the distance. It cracks me up!

Speaking of my sister, part of her birthday gift from Ben and me was a huge coloring book of Disney princesses. Yes, she's nineteen, and we got her a coloring book. She loved it. Have some proof.

(She's the third one on the right). 

Oh, and remember the iguana, the salamander, and the microwave? I have another one to add to the list, although there's a much better chance this involves a human. Or a ghost. Intrigued?

So the mister and I live in the back of our apartment building. We have a little patio, but one side of it is not closed in, and we don't keep anything back there. One night when I was really tired I glanced out the back door and thought I saw a doormat on our patio. Totally forgot about it, until after the snowstorm. Sure enough...
...a doormat that says, "faith, joy, patience, serenity, believe." I have NO idea how it got there. My assumption is someone put it there. But who would do that? And why? Were they being nice? Were they dumping something they no longer wanted? Did they think we would use it? Was it a ghost?

Any guesses dear readers? What's been making you laugh lately? Oh, and thank you thank you to Nina for my fabulous new header!!


Charlie said...

Unfortunately it's probably most likely someone dumping it, but it's quite nice all the same, most doormats are so boring!

The colouring book is a cool present, it's definitely imaginative!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is an awesome gift - we don't get fun gifts like that as an adult very often so I can see why she liked it. I hope she had some nice, sharp crayons to color with! I was the 4th child out of 5, so my crayons were pretty much always dull since other siblings had used them extensively before I got to the age of coloring!

Amber said...

LOL I am not a fan of South Park but picturing you giggling at this photo makes me giggle :P

That mat thing is weird. Was it really windy? Maybe the wind blew it onto your patio!

Love the new header!

VanessasRunway said...

I LOVE South park and that episode! lol :) Making me laugh now? The Hangover movie, crazy. haha

Lisa said...

Hahahaha!! You are too funny! I love the picture of them looking "off into the distance!" Too much. ;) Lol. Also...your story about the doormat! That is crazy! My vote is going towards very friendly ghost. Like, one who wants to be your friend and so they saw that you didn't have a doormat and thought it would be nice if you had one. Umm..yep. ;)

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