Mar 23, 2010

Sleep deprivation does funny things to you

*Laughing hysterically for ten straight minutes over the word duck.

*Having weird weird dreams. As in I'm eating sandwiches that look like whoopie pies only they were made out of spiders. That didn't phase me. I looked around and realized I was in China, and that made me angry. (Yeah, these are my dreams people. Anyone care to interpret?)

*Did anyone ever watch Hangin' with Mr. Cooper? It was on during that block of TV known as TGIF. (Oh the days of Boy Meets World). Anyway, Raven Symone was in that show and in her first music endeavors one of the things she did was rap. Yes, I know this information. It gets better. I owned her CD.

I haven't thought of that in years. So could someone please tell me why one of the songs from that CD was stuck in my head all day yesterday? Seriously. That's what little girls are made of, that's what little girls are made of...

Someone please make me go to bed at a decent hour.

In other news, my mom is finally home! She's been gone since February 28th for a crazy awesome work trip. Hawaii, India, Malaysia, and then back to Hawaii. She's home for 10 days and then off to Peru (to hike Machu Picchu) for a week! She's crazy and awesome, and I'm hoping to convince her to guest blog for me at some point.

I'm off to drink some caffeine. Ooh, go here for a Starbucks coupon! Before 10 AM today you get a free pastry with the purchase of any handmade beverage. (Thanks to Lisa at Fantabulously Frugal for the heads up).

Mmm, Starbucks. If you were a Starbucks drink, what would you be? I'm torn between a Cafe Vanilla Frappuchino, and a Caramel Apple Spice.

I told you I was tired. Happy Tuesday friends!

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Gracie said...

The hubby and I totally hit up Starbucks this morning - what a treat!
And duck is kind of funny. Say "lettuce" a few times and it sounds funny, too.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

If I was a drink, I'd be a vanilla latte. That is my drink of choice. It's slightly sweet, a little bit indulgent, but also a fairly practical drink.

I feel like I could write a book on sleep deprivation.

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