Mar 18, 2010

So much cuteness I might explode

Hi readers! You know about my love of all things Etsy, so allow me to introduce Katja, from Germany. I stumbled across her Etsy shop and ended up ordering the mister's valentine's day present from her! We decided to do a blog swap/feature today, so enjoy reading (and seeing!) what she does, and then head on over to her blog to read the answers to a few fun questions by yours truly!

How did you get started with your Etsy shop?

I started my shop after I saw many many great items sold online and I thought, I would love to create things and offer them to the world. In fact, it was just for fun! The first item I sold was "Mr. Tea" a cute handmade tea-bag plush. 

Selling an item made me soooo happy that I got obsessed! I think most of the sellers on Etsy get very excited about shipping their items out to the world.

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Cotton candy. Definitely. I think, my teeth would look horrible, but that's my favorite.

What inspires you to create pieces?

Inspiration is a funny thing. It happens to me at the most not-expected places. For example when I drive home from work and look outside the window and see something pretty. But I am also inspired by my boyfriend who's a geek at it's best and loves nerdy stuff (so do I) and we talk a lot and while we talk, I doodle a lot. That's how most of my ideas pop up.

What's your favorite piece right now? Does this ever change?

I am currently obsessed with my Mr. Fox! He's the cutest thing I have done in a looooong time. And yeah, this changes very often. But that plush has been on the top of my list for a while now.

Do you make things for your Etsy shop full-time or do you have another job/career as well?

I am a full-time social worker at a youth career center, so Etsy is just some sort of hobby for me. It's tough, but it works.

Can you explain your process of making your pieces?

If you check my blog you will find some cute tutorials showing how I make things. I often lock myself into my crafty room and follow the idea I had written down or doodled.

Thanks for answering my questions, Katja - and readers, I can attest to how awesome her work is - check out the mister's Valentine's Day present! It's an ipod pouch made to look like an old school ninetendo gameboy! (He loved it). 

Katja is changing up some things in her Etsy shop right now, but be sure to check out her flickr account, and hop over to her blog to see what I had to say today! 

Happy almost Friday! 


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