Mar 19, 2010

Well hello there spring, nice to see you

Disclaimer: if you thought this post was rambling, you ain't seen nothin' yet!  

*This weekend it's supposed to be in the 70s, which means I'm packing away all my heavy sweaters and coats and pulling out my sundresses and skirts. I actually don't have as many light "springy" clothes as I do for the fall and winter - which brings me to my first question. How often do you repeat outfits at work?

Because of a myriad of circumstances (losing weight, tight budget), I tend to wear the same things often and while part of me knows it doesn't matter (90% of who I work with are active military so they wear the same uniform daily and couldn't care less), sometimes I get frustrated about my lack of options, and I think it can even affect my mood at work. What do you think?

(Photo: Brown Button)

*A little shout out to my friend (we'll call her A), because today is her birthday! I know she reads this blog and she's probably getting all embarrassed but that's what friends are for! (I challenge you to comment A. That's right. Challenge). Happy Birthday! 

*About this time last year, I was in a lot of pain. I went to the doctor, and then received a phone call telling me why. I wasn't home when he called - the mister took the message. This is what I came home to that night.

Ben called me right after he talked to the doctor of course, but it cracks me up that he wrote that down like he was afraid he'd forget it. (I mean really, can you get more adorable?)

*I tend to go to sleep way too late, so I'm usually exhausted by the time I crawl into bed. Regardless of how rough of a time I've had recently, each night when my head hits the pillow I say a little thank you. For the softness of my pillows, for the life the mister and I have together, and for having a place to sleep.

*I love love love when you all comment on my posts. You have great ideas (thanks for all the tea suggestions! I will update you when I try them). But the other day one of the comments completely made my day! Hannah Katy said:

"Can I live on your Goodreads site forever?"

So sweet! (And if you're not my friend on goodreads - email me so we can fix that!) Thank you dear readers for being awesome and coming back every day to read!

*So I mentioned last week about some things that are making me excited. (And then I clarified that those things had nothing to do with pregnancy). But I am ready for a change. I had a conversation with a co-worker a couple weeks ago that got me thinking...about graduate school. It's an idea I've toyed with for a couple of years but it's so much money (and time! and work!) and I didn't want to get into a program just to say I had a Masters degree.

I found a program at a small private school about 30 minutes away - and I'm interested. I don't have to take the GREs (I do not standardize test well), and there's a chance (if I get it approved) my company will pay for the tuition. I got my transcripts from my alma mater and talked to one of the two people I'm going to ask for references. I convinced myself a Masters in Literature and Language was what I wanted.

Then I found another program at a different school that sounded perfect. A Masters in English focusing on Professional Writing and Rhetoric. I could use that with any field I get into, I love writing and editing, and I bet this would be easier to get approved through my company. (Oh, and did I mention it's about $15,000 less than the other program and I don't have to take the GREs for this either?)

I missed the deadline (to start in the fall) for the second program so I think I'm going to apply to both programs (in the fall for the semester that starts in January), which gives me more time to research both programs. It also gives the mister and me more time to figure out how we'll do this, and of course, more time to worry. What if I'm not supposed to do either one of these? How will I choose? How do I know what I really want? A week ago I was convinced the first program was what I wanted to do, but now I don't know. If I was supposed to be in the program wouldn't I be crazy passionate about the idea?!

What do you think dear readers? I want to hear all your thoughts - good, bad, and in between! What are your weekend plans? And how sick are you of my crazy, rambling posts?

Happy Friday, friends!


Alison Kinsey said...

I fully support your idea to go to grad school! It will give you an amazing sense of accomplishment, and it will be awesome for your resume too!

About the work clothes, try to purchase a bunch of cute separates that you can mix and match. (A black skirt for example, which can be worn with lots of colorful blouses or shirts). Even places like Forever 21 would be a great source so you don't have to spend a fortune :)

Tara said...

I think a Masters in Professional Writing and Rhetoric will be more useful than one in Language and Literature.

Lucy The Valiant said...

Feeling like I'm wearing the same thing every day always makes me cranky. But if you focus on just getting the basics, and then mix them up with lots of accessories, it makes you feel like you have tons of outfits!

Masters program sounds awesome! I didn't know you could get into any without taking the GRE! Sounds kind of perfect, doesn't it?

AO said...

I think you look great everyday! I especially love your dress today! :) Thanks for the balloons.

Gracie said...

OMG, the white board comment has me in fits! Aren't men funny?

Jess said...

Clothes...So in the same boat. Last year it was losing weight, so I didn't buy any. This year it's having no money, so I don't know if I'll be able to buy any. Sucks. Hello Salvation Army!

And grad school. Awesome. I've been thinking about it myself lately...possibly starting next January. It's been ten years since I graduated college (OMG AM I THAT OLD?), and I'm wanting something new.

Hasn't the weather this week been awesome? I'm actually contemplating braving the CB Festival this year just cause the weather's been so awesome.

Amber said...

I think that's GREAT! I'm so excited for you lady!!!

Also, r.e. your work wardrobe. Have you tried getting new accessories? A big necklace or earrings or a nice scarf here and there can make a world of difference!!

Can't wait to hear more about your masters program. I think it's awesome and you should totally go for it!

erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

More education can never be bad... even if it doesn't end up supporting what you do. I finished my Masters in Education last May only to start working at a car dealership on June 1. I learned so many skills and things that I could translate to other parts of my life. And I made fabulous friends!

Everytime the season changes I feel like I have no clothes... I am sure you look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

B-I love your blog. Love it.
I have toyed with getting a Masters...and if I knew what I wanted and we could front a lot of the cash as I went along, I would do it. Debt is not your friend-my only advice!
Your blog is the only one that delights me when I remember "I haven't read that in a few days!" I know I have something to entertain!
Also I think....Mrs. Masters....that the gramatically correct phrase is that "Couldn't care less". I remember the exact day I learned that. I was shocked.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I friended (is that a word now) you on goodreads. I always love a new book suggestion!

As for the clothes, I agree with Kinsey...same pants/skirt with a different top makes a world of difference!

Have a great weekend!

Sarah W said...

I understand your trepidation about applying to graduate programs. I mean, for the first time EVER, you get to focus on something you LOVE and want to "master" it. When I applied to graduate school my "love" was the environment and I knew I wanted to do something with policy. Well, wouldn't you know it? There's a bazillion different programs out there and they are SO hard to compare. So, what did I do? I applied to all the ones that looked REALLY interesting and were top rated programs. I knew that regardless of which program accepted me, I would dive right in and love it! (And I did!)

In terms of today's economy the only caveat I would make is that you should choose a program that you will obtain applied skills/knowledge for your professional career. Sadly, this isn't the time to master in underwater basket weaving (unless of course that's your profession!) :)

Good luck!

S.I.F. said...

When I'm on the phone with my doctor, I absentmindedly write things down like that all the time. Then I look at my notes and think "really? I really needed to write that down?" His sign made me laugh!

And I say go for it lady! Going back to school would be such an amazing thing and would give you an awesome new goal!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I definitely repeat outfits quite a bit at work. Especially dresses & suits.. But really, hope many suits can a person possibly own? Ok probably more than I can, but I just can't justify dropping all that money on clothes I hate (I hate suits!)

Good luck onj your decision about grad school. If your company can pay for it, then I say go for it! If you have to pay for me, make sure it will work financially for you. When I decided to get my MBA, I didn't consider the financial impact of taking out loans for school. Now I kind of need to make a certain amount of money, which commits me to a certain lifestyle... which I must say I am not loving right now...

Nicole said...

Good luck with figuring out grad school. I'd say that if you can get help with the tuition costs, then go for it! Either one sounds great, you'll just having to figure them out.

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