Apr 15, 2010

I believe...

It's been a busy week, but one of the things I believe in is taking a moment for yourself no matter how crazy it gets. I got this idea from the lovely Mandy, and thought it would be fun.
I believe in...

...singing loudly whether or not you have a good voice or know all the words to a song.

...crunching leaves beneath my feet always makes me feel better.

...loving fiercely.

...laughing at myself.

...not doing the dishes if it means spending time with someone I care about.

...saturating myself with books.

...sometimes letting go of my schedules and to-do lists.

I'm sure as soon as this posts I'll think of a dozen more things, but for now, this is a good start.

What do you believe in?

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Nicole said...

Haha! Sometimes dishes will pile up in my sink for a couple days before I actually take the time to do them. There are more important things to be doing sometimes!

I believe in taking the occasional "mental health day" from work just to enjoy some nice weather.

Gracie said...

I believe coffee solves most problems and minimizes those it can't solve.

Amber said...

I believe in sleeping in. I believe in eating dessert. I believe in myself!

Alison Kinsey said...

aww this list was lovely! And I love your new layout! I'm finally getting caught up on a lot of blog reading :)
I 100% agree with nearly all of it.

VanessasRunway said...

i believe this is a great list! :)

i believe in slumber parties at any age, i believe in drinking more than one glass of wine, i believe in taking personal days off from work, i believe in singing very loudly when you're home alone.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I believe there are few things more restorative than an evening with my girlfriends.

I believe that there is truly no difference between my real world and bloggy friends!

I believe that, in addition to love, coffee does make the world go round.

Lisa said...

I LOVE this! So awesome. :) I love crunching leaves too!! And letting go of our schedules/to do lists is one of the most liberating things ever. I believe in: drinking ice cold Blue Moons on a spring evenings, eating sugary things like cupcakes every now and then because life is too short not indulge a little :D, cuddling under the sheets when it's raining, pressing snooze on the alarm clock like 20 times, and playing footsie under the table with my honey at restaurants. :)

Anonymous said...

1) Love your new banner. 2) we have a lot of the sat beliefs! I, too, love to be saturated in good books. And here are my own....

I believe in the rain falling outside of my window calling me to be calm and collected

I believe in everything happening for a reason

I believe in the artworks of children

I believe in the still of the morning and a cup of coffee to accompany it.

I believe in good company and good dessert.

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