Apr 9, 2010

Music soothes the soul

Let's get right to the good stuff. The randomly selected winner of the Spirit of Spring giveaway is the lucky Danielle! Congratulations! Be sure to email me within 48 hours so I can get this shipped out to you!

I've mentioned before, having a happy in the moment necklace. This fluctuates - it's not always the same. A few weeks ago it was my leaf pendant that matched the ones I bought for my bridesmaids when the mister and I got married. Right now it's the necklace my mom brought my back from Malyasia.
It's made from sandstone - I don't know if you can see it in the pictures but it's super sparkly and I just love it!
Excuse the quality of these pictures - my mom is actually borrowing my camera right now (she's off on another amazing international trip!), so I had to use my blackberry.

I've been calling the mister my "working man" all week and he gets the biggest smile on his face! It reminds me of the first month we were married and we only called each other husband and wife. (Which, I have to admit still makes me grin like a fool).

A friend and I were talking about music the other day - about what we listen based on the weather. A few years ago in the summer time I would roll down the windows and blast Kelly Clarkson. Now it tends to be more Lady Gaga. When it's sunny I need something I can sing along with. When it's rainy, or crisp, (like on a fall morning!) my taste tends to steer more towards Ingrid Michaelson, or A Fine Frenzy, and my favorite go-to CD is from the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I know all the songs, it's a good mix, and number three is a little sentimental for me. (It was our first dance at our wedding).

What about you dear readers? Does the weather affect your music choices? Do you have a favorite go-to CD? Happy Friday!


Lucy The Valiant said...

I love that necklace! And congratulations to you and your working man!!

My happy song right now is Soul Sister by Train...

AO said...

The weather/season definitely affects my music selection! My songs right now are: Lake Michigan and Eyes by Rogue Wave, a remix of Fleetwood Mac's Dreams by Deep Dish, Canned Heat by Jamiroquai, and anything from The Fame Monster. :) :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The weather doesn't impact my music choice - for the most part - but my mood definitely does! When I am pensive or doing alot of thinking, I listen to Damien Rice, Ingrid Michaelson, and Regina Spektor. When I am happy/excited for something/trying to get pumped on, I put on my running mix which has stuff like Kanye West Stronger & some Lady Gaga.

I will say, in the summer, our family listens to a ton of Neil Diammond! We blast it on our outdoor speakers on the deck of our cabin!!

beckylbranch said...

The necklace is very pretty! My go to music is Christmas music, it always makes me so happy...I know that sounds rediculous, but how can you not get happy listening to Jingle Bells or something???

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

gotta love some bob seger.. i really love lady gaga.. last summer i was a little unsure of her.. but i can honestly say now i love to sing to her songs.. and i love me some kenny chesney.. hearing him can make my mood a 100000 times better.. oh and jimmy buffet also has that affect as well.. ;) and pretty much old rock.. or 80s rock

Danielle said...

I'm a winner!! Yay! I am going to dancing around in a circle with my fingers pointed to the sky :)

Personally, I have a no Lady GaGa rule for my vehicle...or rather anywhere...if I can control it. But my go-to songs? Old School. Old Mariah Carey, Old Paula Abdul...you get the idea! I'm a cornball!!

Danielle said...

Oh, and I will e-mail you alright ;)

Emily Jane said...

I find blasting great music helps with ANYTHING if I ever feel a bit down, or overwhelmed - it can be anything from old school Britpop (Blur from the '90s!) to Scandinavian power metal (really) to the Glee soundtrack. I find music wonderfully therapeutic!

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