Apr 20, 2010

Post-it note Tuesday: The thankful edition

What would your post-it note say today?


Anonymous said...

Dear Achilles,
You and your damned tendon!
Yours truly, Pissed off mom

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love these post-it note posts (and all of your posts, of course!)

Here are mine:

Dear Knees,

Thank you for allowing me to run pain free. I promise to take better care of you in the future!

Dear Foam Roller,

You make me gasp in pain when stretching my quads & IT band, but I think you are helping my knees out so I will continue to use you. Thanks for helping me to run pain free.

Dear Mother Nature,

I love you. Thank you for giving us glorious spring weather. You make me oh so happy.

Roxmary said...

Dear Baby in my belly,

My rib cage is not your personal leg press, you only have 29 more days please try to be more gentle.

Thank you,

Amber said...

Dear Yoga - thanks for being so good to me the last 5 classes. I've really enjoyed you.

Dear Volcano - thanks for slowing down your eruption. Could ya maybe stop entirely? Thanks!

Gracie said...

Dear weather, Thanks for throwing temperature norms out the window so I could have a nice cool day off work and can go for a lovely long run!

Jess said...

Dear Ass, Please retreat to your original position, north of its current one.

Dear Arms, Chicken wings? Really?

Dear Husband, I do not pull underwear out of pants. I must draw the line somewhere.

Dear Life, You suck. Go mess with someone else this week.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Dear fellow bloggers,

Thanks for making me laugh, even when I am having a high stress week. You are worth the time I am taking away from errands or work to read you. :)

Dear Louisiana,

Can you please hold the humidity for 3 more weeks so I can get my ass back to California, home of dry summers?

Dear work meetings,

Do you realize that while I am in meetings, I get nothing else done? Hence me being behind all the time. Please give me a break.

Rachel said...

LOL! (i never say that anymore, of course, but it is TRUE with these very amusing post-it notes.) I think you really started something here! And, I agree with so many of them, the hair one, the yoga one, the mother nature one ...

Also, enjoying scrolling through your blog.


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