Apr 27, 2010

Tuesday night

Lately I've found myself getting caught up in thinking about Rosa's last few moments of life. Was she scared? Did she have time to be? Were her last words in panic, or peace?

I'm trying not to let myself dwell on that, but rather on the fun things I remember about her, and how much she lived her life - knowing she would want me to do the same.

So I've been enjoying the little things. Having dinner with the mister on the smaller of our two couches and thinking how cozy it is, us being tangled up together. Talking about movies, comic books, jobs, him laughing at me eating a baked potato (I was too impatient and did not give it adequate time to cool off), me laughing at him as he tried to imitate noises I made. Memories like these are the ones I hold close to my heart - and take out to remember on days like today.

I've also been watching this video a lot lately. There's so much I love about my niece but I really think this video captures it - her pure delight, in playing with their dog - it makes me laugh and cry every time I watch it. (Make sure you have your volume up, although it does get a little shrill - and sorry that it's blurry - it was taken on a camera phone).

What little things have you been enjoying lately?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you were able to get that video to post! So cute. I always watch videos of my nephews or look at photos when I am feeling down. They always pick me right back up!

Lately I have been enjoying my runs around a local lake. The spring weather has been just gorgeous; I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful city. :)

Brittany said...

Love the video! She is such a cutie. I became an auntie when my husband and I got married, but my niece and nephew are 5 and 7...I wish I had been able to see them as babies!

My current little thing to enjoy - sleeping with my hair wet! Everyone says not to do it but I love how it feels.

Nicole said...

I've been enjoying the sunshine for sure! And all the blooms on the trees. And kisses from my dog along with all his unconditional love. I'm so glad you have things like laughing with your husband and the video of your niece to make you happy.

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