Apr 29, 2010

Who doesn't like a good sleep story?

The other night when the mister came to bed, I apparently rolled over and whispered, "grand slam." He later told me didn't know if I was dreaming about baseball or Denny's, but either way he thought it was hilarious!

Also in sleep news this week, I received another sleep text from my sister:

"my hands are green..not sure why. maybe i'm a leprochaun. ohh! then i could dance under rainbows and it will rain skittles. finally."


Anyone have crazy sleep stories of their own lately? Happy almost Friday!

(Photo: this is glamorous)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You & your sister have the craziest sleep stories! That is insane! Too funny. I am such a boring sleeper! ;) I have a hard time falling asleep and am a light sleeper, but to my knowledge, I don't have any interesting sleep habits. Then again, I sleep alone, so I guess it's highly possible that I whisper random things in the night! :)

Emily Jane said...

LOL I remember when my boy and I first moved in and started noticing each other's little sleep habits. Mine apparently include grinding my teeth like a nutcracker, but I've been woken up by incoherent ramblings once in a while too lol!

Lisa said...

I love this! Hahaha. I don't have a story at the moment, but I am the Queen of sleep blunders. Not only do I sleep insanely deep, but if anyone tries to rouse me I have a history of going off on a nonsensical tangent! I absolutely love the way people's minds work (or don't work?? Haha) when they are sleeping. It's fascinating! <3

Anonymous said...

I have none but that picture of that cozy, fluffy bed makes me sleepy!!! - Annie

sandyb said...

Sleep texting.. hilarious! My sister sends me the best messages sometime between midnight and 3 a.m... odd, but I love her!

Aly said...

Haha! Jase quite often speaks in random gibberish while he's speaking. I tend to just laugh like a maniac, apparently.

I love the sleep texting - never heard of that before. Maybe it's a good thing I keep my phone away from my bed!

Nicole said...

I had a dream the other nigh that 5 giant black bears were walking through my aunt's back yard. And they were handing out with a giant coonhound. They didn't attack the dog because they thought he was a bear. Then the bears all started doing adult things to each other while the dog watched. We became scared and tried to frighten the bears away, but they ate the neighbor's yorkie instead. It was really weird and actually so horrible at the end that it woke me up. At least it was just a dream.

Shaina said...

These stories are hilarious! My husband and I both talk and say weird stuff in our sleep. We crack up whenever we remember stuff! One night I apparently turned to him while sleeping, smiled, and said "COOKIES!" Hehehehe.

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