May 13, 2010

Cars can bite me

All I can say is thank God for my awesome father-in-law who can almost fix anything on our cars. (We were at my in-laws' house last night until almost 11 PM).  Things are fixed for the most part (it should hold us temporarily), but...ugh.

I'm tired and cranky today, so this isn't going to be long (I'm not a fan of forcing writing). Hopefully I'll have more cheeriness tomorrow.
How is your week going readers? Anyone have a car story they want to share? (Good or bad!) At least it's almost Friday!

(Photo: Walking Around)


Diana Mieczan said...

I don’t I don’t really have stories about cars :)
I walk mostly or take a sub if I really need to!
I hope you are ok and for a bad day, ice cream is a miracle food :)

Katie D said...

My car went to get "fixed" about a month ago and it started having the same problem almost two weeks ago and it's been at the shop getting "fixed" again for the last almost two weeks!! I know how you feel!! Cars SUCK!

Emily Jane said...

I don't drive either, so I don't really have car stories... hope your week gets better soon!

Unknown said...

I once had the serpentine belt fall off of my car on Easter morning, at 6 am, with no cell phone, in the middle of nowhere. I had only been driving for about 6 months and didn't know what was wrong. I had no power steering, but I had about 70 miles to drive to get to my job that day. So I drove the 70 miles of winding PA roads to get to my job. As I pulled into the parking lot with my arms aching the radiator hose blew. I was told that the car would never run again, but a curious mechanic replaced the hose and let it run for a couple of hours and things freed up. I hope your car gets better!

Mandy said...

Ugh car problems are the worst. We once had a sudden downpour, I drove through an intersection not realizing how deep the water was. It knocked a hole in my engine, cost me over $4000, was at at garage for over a month, and never ran properly after that. I was literally afraid to drive the damn thing so I traded it in on a much nicer car. Moral of the story: When it rains stay home.

Gracie said...

Ever since I had new belts put on my car it SQUEALS but I don't have time to bring in in :(

sandyb said...

By the time I was ready to give up my first car (Pontiac Sunfire, 1998-2008, RIP) I had invested more money into fixing it than it was worth.

Either I just don't give up or I just don't know how to let go.. could go either way.

Jen said...

Isn't it just the worst when your car breaks down?? It can make a good day turn bad INSTANTLY! But girl, you're lucky to know someome who can fix cars... the rest of us have to pay major bucks for that kind of work!! Lucky Duck! ;-)

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