May 27, 2010

Round Two

 I want this kitchen. Stat.

 You all have spoken. The guest blogging series will continue. As long as there are volunteers of course! You can email me or leave a comment on this post - I'd love to host you! And thanks so much to everyone who has guest blogged so far!

I did the second day of 10K training last night and it was rough. I have a little issue with bursitis in my left knee, and there were definitely times when I wanted to just walk for the rest of the time but I didn't. I kept telling myself I was training to finish and that this day was going to be hard because my muscles were tight and I had to work through it. I also kept thinking about all your encouraging comments yesterday - thanks for getting me through it readers!

The other night when the mister came to bed he rubbed my arm (as a way of saying goodnight) and apparently I muttered, "ugh!" and kicked him in the shin. Poor Ben. (All I can think is that must have been one crazy dream!)

Have you given anything a second chance lately? Anyone else out there as crazy as I am when you sleep? Tomorrow is Friday people!

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Diana Mieczan said...

I am so happy you are training...Yuppiee its Friday tomorrow... :)
Kisses and enjoy your day :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Good job on sticking with it. When I am doing y long runs, I often reflect back on how i could barely run 1-2 miles when I first started running. Keep it up - your muscles will quickly develop and the training will get easier as you progress!

I never thought I would be friends w/ the ex-boyfriend that I now work 2 cube away from (will be moving today and will then be a bit further away...). Anyways, we didn't speak for 3 years, but now we are sort of friends. Never thought I'd give a friendship w/ him a 2nd chance, but life is full of surprises I guess!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Hahaha this cracks me up because Eric will always pet me and kiss me and whatever when he comes to bed and it always drives me CRAZY and I will push and elbow him away. Hehe.

Also, r.e. your guest post - it's coming :) My sickness threw me out for a few days but I will get it to you this weekend! It's half-written!! XO

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

I'm not a crazy sleeper but lately I've been fitful because it's too hot and humid upstairs. I'm sleepy!

sandyb said...

Hmmm, good question - "have you given anything a second chance lately?" I gave grape tomatoes a second chance... hated the texture before, but now I find there mmm-mmmm sweetness makes up for any squish that previously grossed me out.

Also, I gave myself a second chance when I quit my job - or maybe it's my first chance at living the life I crave.

In any case, second chances = a must.

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