May 3, 2010

Taking it all in

I started this blog because I love the everyday stuff. Laughing with family, enjoying a drink from Starbucks, noticing the beauty in the season.

Sometimes life can be cruel and heart breaking, but then turn around and be amazing and simply take your breath away. Life ends, life begins, life goes on. But sometimes, you just have to stop and take it all in.

What have you taken in lately?

(Photo: daisy chain)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have focused on paying attention to the change of seasons this year. Usually I just sort of go about my day & don't notice the trees & flowers around me. This year I am noticing the flowers blooming & the crab apple trees blossoming.

Anonymous said...

So true. Simple but true... I am doing my best to take it all in as well, going slow and knowing everything will happen in its own time and place.


Hannah Katy

Emily Jane said...

So very true. I find really reflecting on the things that happen and taking in everything, and just what Hannah said, knowing everything happens in its own time and place, to really be a good way of living. Can I just say how beautiful that picture is?

Lisa said...

I am so sorry that you've been going through so much lately, but I am happy to see that you are learning to see the beauty in it still. I know that's not easy, but...well. It's great to see you doing it! I've been taking in...

...the sound of the tree outside my window at night, and the cool night air.
...sweet, precious moments with my love.
...the way it feels so amazingly good to laugh SO HARD. a good laugh is so invigorating.
...sunshine. driving in sunshine with the music blasting. feels so good!

Great post! <3

Alison Kinsey said...

Aww I'm happy to hear your positivity despite going through such a difficult time recently! I've been trying to take in the outdoors more, as silly as that sounds!

Elizabeth said...

on my way to school I drive up a big hill and I can always see a lot of sky and I love looking at it - how it changes, especially with different sorts of clouds in it...
so ya, that's what I notice a lot :)
I also love driving in the sun with loud music! :) it always makes me really happy even if I'm having a crappy day

Mandy said...

I started taking it all in about a year ago and it changes you in such a good way. When I'm having a bad day, I make sure I take it in.

Amber said...

I focused REALLY hard on taking it all in when we were in Europe. I can remember just staring at the Mediterranean sea, breathing in the sea air and reminding myself that I was in ITALY. I'm so glad that I forced myself to sit back, breathe and take it all in that trip!

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