May 20, 2010

The vexation that is Facebook

Hi readers! Please welcome the next guest blogger in my series of wanting to hear more from you. Emily (aka pinkflipflops) is the author of The many thoughts of a reader, and I love participating in her monthly blogger book club. Today she's here to talk about the sometimes ridiculous-ness of social media.

Hi, my name is Emily and I am an Aries. I'm very random, try to be funny, and don't like to take things seriously. However, Facebook brings lots of blood pressure spikes into my life. I cannot believe I am friends with so many different people. Hello former roommate who is the queen over share-er of over share-ers. No I do not need to know about your ever changing bi-polar flip-flopping ways! Remember, some of us have known you for a long time. Why, hello right-wing nut friend, how did you come into my life? I swear I usually screen my "friends" better. No, I do NOT need to know how 'schwaaasted' you were last night, friend of my little brother. Why oh why did I not close the gates? I swear I delete "friends" on a weekly basis - how did they miss the cut?

Oh and speaking of cuts. Who can't stand people who post statuses about having done a big friend cut. Congratulations you made the cut if you can read this. Because that makes me want to delete them ASAP.

Wow, where did the Facebook rant come from? I think I have become waay too sensitive lately about just the utter ridiculousness of some people. I want to shake them and say, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Think about what you are saying. Or, if you have time to post such an emo-topic on a blog or Facebook, are you really that sad? Or just wanting atttention? I tend to always go with wanting attention. Hence, why I always state the truth however harsh it may sound. Or I just stay silent and roll my eyes.

This post is totally not the post I sat down to write. But, what can I say; Facebook has become a daily discussion between my husband and me. Remember when the first rule of Facebook was don't talk about Facebook? My mom and her friends still haven't learned that. (Hence, why they can no longer see my updates).

And I am pretty sure all you have learned from this is that Facebook has given me high blood pressure and I sound just as intolerant as the weirdos I am friends with. But, just keep in mind. If you know how to be polite, and smartly share things in a public forum, I have no problem. It's just when you let the real crazy show that I start to roll my eyes and talk about you to my husband!

What do you think dear readers? Do you have any Facebook-specific pet peeves?


j said...

I get facebook jealousy. I rarely put a status because even though my status may be funny or get a reaction, it never does. And I don't know how people can take so many pictures of every event in their life! I haven't been tagged in a photo since March! And I really hate the people that change their status every 30 seconds...get on twitter for that. Sometimes I don't want a play by play of your life! I'm so ready to be done with facebook....but I've been so committed, I just can't up and leave....

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My biggest pet peeve on Facebook is the cryptic status posters. The people who write things like, "That was the last straw" or "I guess now I know who my real friends are" or things like that. They post statuses that are meant to ellicit an 'oh, what's wrong dear?' response. Drives me crazy.

Gracie said...

I have a huge number of "friends" who are actually classmates from when I was class president in college and used facebook to communicate with the class (since nobody actually CAME to class!). I barely know some of them and I am forced to read their insane TMI status updates. I could not possibly care less about who offended you, who showed their true colors, who stabbed you in the back, and who you're "complicated" with. Not interested. Learn to deal with relational issues without the input of 200 random "friends". Oh, and that "Repost if you love your husband/serve your country/worship God/have kids/eat brownies/have the world's best friends" crap? Cut it out!
Hm, why do I even still have facebook? Oh yeah, so I can spy on the behavior of my younger siblings.

Amber said...

I read something really funny on a blog the other day that said something along the lines of "Facebook is for stalking" and I TOTALLY agree. I use Facebook to stalk other people more then anything else. And the over-the-top, melodramatic statuses that people use drive me CRAZY!

Muznah said...

I so know what you mean. I actually quit Facebook a couple of months back because I thought it was taking up too much of my life. *phew* happy now

p.s. very cute design layout Becky

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I also can't stand the reposting stuff.. I actually went through a phase where every status I wrote ended with.. repost this is if you agree.. i had 2 friends that I had talked to about this and they partcipated haha.. i also would love to get rid of facebook but umm.. yeah it is for stalking and yes i am nosy!

Leigh Hutchens Burch said...

I hate those "copy and paste this" status updates. It's like getting those stupid email forwards which instruct you to send it on to ten other people if you want to LIVE.

Also, I hate when people post spoilers in their status updates -- like who won the Academy Award for Best Actress... 30 seconds after her acceptance speech. Hello, people! I DVR, and I'm always 15-30 minutes behind so I won't have to sit through commercials.

Kelly said...

I totally agree with Lisa about the posts that are just searching for attention- not that I didn't do something similar on instant messager in high school, but it shocks me when legit adults do it. Or messages that are clearly meant for only certain people haha, also weird.

I do like stalking people but I like to think I genuinely care what people are up to and don't have time to call everyone and have a heart to heart. Or I just like to stalk, whatever you call it haha

Erin said...

LOL! It's called a "delete" button. If you can't tolerate what your "friends" post, then you're not truly friends. Simple logic.

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