May 12, 2010

What's your purse personality?

Handbag, purse, pocketbook, bag. What do you call the thing you lug your stuff around in?

I've always called it a purse, but I know people who hate that term. It cracks me up when people say pocketbook, because it reminds me of a grandma-type clutch.

When I carry a smaller purse it's very organized. I carry a lot of loose items (inhaler, band-aids, a mirror, blistex, etc.), so I sub-bag things.

See? Neat

However, when I carry a bigger purse, I literally just throw crap in there. While in the car recently (when I had a big purse with me), I asked the mister to grab my wallet. He pulled out two books, a sweater, a bottle of water, and my phone before finding my wallet. I believe his exact words were, "baby what the hell?"

What about you? Do you carry a purse? How big is it? Are you neat or more like organized chaos?


Alison Kinsey said...

Yes, I carry a purse :)
Usually that's what I call it, too. To me, pocketbook, yes, sounds too 'old', and 'handbag' sounds formal lol.
If I'm carrying a small bag it typically gets full to the point where I can barely close the zipper, so I try to find a happy medium!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yes, I definitely carry a purse (and had no idea people didn't like to refer to it as a purse!). Mine is pretty big! I carry my wallet, a book, sometimes an umbrella, lotion, chapstick, a bananagrams puzzle book, and lots of other random stuff. :)

Emily Jane said...

It's a BAG!! In England a purse is a wallet and wallets are only something men carry around. Sweet and I get into confusion about this all the time!!

Mandy said...

I call it a bag and quite literally thats what I carry. Sometimes its a tote bag ( I have one I bought from Old Navy, its brown has a pink peace sign on it, its my current favorite) and when I want to feel more like a proper adult, I carry a huge blackand white faux snake skin bag that I also adore. I could literally use it as an over night bag I suppose. In my world bigger is always better.

Anonymous said...

I carry a large purse, and every single inch of space inside of it is taken up with junk. I call it a purse sometimes or a bag or whatever word comes to mind. I never say pocketbook - reminds me of my grandma, haha.

Stevie said...

My purse is like Mary Poppins' carpet bag. You could probably find a coat rack and a full sized mirror if you look hard enough. It is so full of random stuff! Sometimes I think about downsizing, but then when someone says something like "Dang, I wish I had a thread and a needle to fix this button", I become the hero because I have a full sewing kit in there. Among other things.

Diana Mieczan said...

I have a huge tote and I have everything there from phone, organizer, gum, water and different bits....
Great post,

Gracie said...

I want a medium sized bag with just one big pocket (and one tiny zippered hidden pocket) and a single short shoulder strap. Unfortunately this purse does not exist.
I am a throw-all-the-crap-in-there kind of person so I can only have one pocket!

Kyla Roma said...

I call mine a bag- and I tend to have great big ones that can fit water bottles, journals, daytimers, and books - anything I could want!

Anonymous said...

I like using messenger bags. I feel silly with big ones and my outfits never really match proper purses. :)

ruthpclark said...

I carry a purse--but it's really more of a bag. I could fit my life into that thing!

And yes, I always crack up when people say "pockabook." Never got that!

Amber said...

I call mine a bag and I usually carry a pretty massive one with me! It has my wallet, sunglasses, keys, chapstick, cell phone, sometimes a book, my planner and a few other random things in it! It can get quite heavy at times haha!

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