Jun 9, 2010

All I can do is think about reading

Have you ever read a book that consumes your thoughts - even when you're not reading it? I've been lucky enough to have that with the last two books I've been reading. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, and Belong to Me which is what I'm currently reading. (It's the sequel to Love Walked In).

So, this is my way of saying I won't be posting again until I finish it. I'm more than halfway through so there's hope I'll be back Friday - if not, I'll be sure to have a great review next week.
Seriously. I am loving this book. I want to be a part of the story, and luckily the author makes that possible by having me turn each page. (Can you tell this review is going to be a rave?)

If we have a daughter someday I'm highly considering naming her Cornelia.

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Shaina said...

I loved Love Walked In and Belong To Me - great books, sweet stories.

Mandy said...

I really enjoyed those books too. I saw you were reading this on good reads and it makes me want to reread them.

erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

OMG there is a sequel to Love Walked In? I will find it. tomorrow. thanks for the info =)

Diana Mieczan said...

I cant wait to hear all about this book...Cornelia is a beautiful name:) Enjoy reading sweetie and see you soon:)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love, love, loved Love Walked In & Belong to Me. I read them quite awhile ago but adored them both!!

Gracie said...

I like the name Cornelia!

val pal :) said...

another HOMERUN!! :) i am thrilled! how does the mister feel about the name prospects? lol

Iva Messy said...

I adore reading!! Lately I really haven't had enough time! :( Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Mrs. G said...

I just have to say, Cornelia is a classically beautiful name! :D

Kyla Roma said...

Thank you for the tip! I'm adding it to my goodreads right now :)

Emily Jane said...

Me too! And for some strange reason NONE of your recent posts showed up in my reader, so huge apologies for the absenteeism!! Cornelia is a FABULOUS name - at the risk of sounding like a total weirdo I remember having three fairies as imaginary friends as a kid, and one was definitely named Cornelia. She had an orange dress and wings :) #InsideThought

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