Jun 21, 2010

The time I got hypothermia

I'm not a fan of the beach. There are many reasons - multiple sunburns (I should have bought stock in aloe vera), sand getting everywhere, nasty salt water in my mouth, but the icing on the cake would have to be when I got hypothermia at the beach.

I was in elementary school on a trip to Chincoteague Island with my Girl Scout troop. It was overcast that day, but because I'm so pale my mom (one of the troop leaders) told me I needed to put sunblock on every hour like I normally did, because I could still get burned.

Once the first layer of sunblock was on and had soaked into my skin, I ran into the ocean. I can still feel the icy blast of water that hit me. I remember thinking that it was really cold, but figured I'd warm up to it eventually. Other girls ran in and out of the water but I stayed in until the next time I was called out to apply sunblock.

Back on the beach I toweled off and squeezed sunblock out of the tube. I started rubbing it on my legs, and called out to one of the other chaperones on the trip. When she came over I told her I could "see myself rubbing it in, but I couldn't feel it." My legs weren't cold, I just couldn't feel them. At the time I thought that was kind of cool, but the next thing I knew I was being hurried to the bathroom.

My mom helped me out of my bathing suit and stuck me under the blast of a hot shower. I was dressed in thermal underwear, sweats, jeans, a long and short sleeved t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a jacket, and placed in a car that had been baking in the sun all day, underneath a plaid blanket with the heat blasting.

The good news is by the time the rest of the troop packed up and headed toward McDonald's, I was warming up and feeling better. The bad news was I had to eat a half cup of instant soup, while my friends chowed down on cheeseburgers, before I could have real food. (It was disgusting, and turned the plastic spoon yellow).

It's a memory now, but as I looked back on it I realized I was fortunate because it could have been a lot worse, and also fortunate that my mom was the most prepared girl scout leader ever and had all those layers to put on me while we were on a trip to the beach.

Have you ever had something like that happen to you? Something in the moment which is weird or cool but that you realize later maybe was more dangerous than you initially thought?


Anonymous said...

I felt the same way when I got sun poisoning.. while I was baking in the sun all day I felt great, invincible.. When the burn set in it was a different story. I was sick for a few days. Don't want to relive that again.


Hannah Katy

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh wow. That is awful!!

I got a mild case of altitude sickness when I was in Colorado. I over did it on a hike and didn't drink enough water. I was so sick for a day but luckily my friend's aunt & uncle knew what it was so forced me to keep drinking water so I would get over it. I just had a mild case but if you get a bad case of it, it's pretty dangerous!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh my...That is really awful! I am lucky that nothing like that happened too me before :) Kisses darling and enjoy your day :)

Jess said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Glad you posted this finally...I was curious. This is HILARIOUS.

Mandy said...

Oh no! Thats horrible. I've never had anyting like that happen to me, but no wonder you're not a fan of the beach!

Gracie said...

I love how your mom has this instant remedy on hand, how cute. I would have been like, "Hey paramedics, my daughter is freezing cold at the BEACH. What do you know about that!"

Amber said...

Oh that's scary!! I've never had hypothermia but I've had some VERY BAD sunburns. The perks of being a redhead right ;)

Emily Jane said...

That is so incredibly scary!! Yikes! I don't really enjoy the beach that much, but my story is far less traumatic than yours. I went parasailing and landed hard on the sand and it FILLED my swimsuit. There were grains in every place there should not be grains!!

Nora said...

Well there was one time I fell asleep in the sun and obviously didn't get to reapply my sunscreen. And I got super burned, to the point where I coulnd't even wear a bra for like two days. It was awful. Who said being tan was sexy!?

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