Jul 22, 2010

Adventures with loved ones

Hi readers! I'm off spending time with family this week, so I asked all my guest bloggers to talk about either traveling or family, or both!  Please welcome Em from say anything. She's sweet, funny, and I want to link arms with her and skip down a street! (Because she would totally be someone I could skip with).

Hello ladies! {Maybe gentlemen too, but I always assume ladies...}

I'm Emily...but you can call me Em because everyone does and, well, I can tell we're going to be great friends. My usual blog home is over at say anything, where I write about love and silly adventures.

I was absolutely thrilled when I got an email from Becky wanting me to guest post-- particularly when I heard about the theme this week. Travel and family. Mmm, travel and family, where to begin...this is a topic close to my heart.

My family is as close as can be. I have two younger sisters, who are my best friends, and amazing parents who have made it a priority to take us around the world.

{us, minus one, goofing around in Central Park}

A Canada native, I moved to England for high school, and in the past 6 years I've been to about 15 different countries. Sometimes with friends, but mostly with my family. We've stayed on a houseboat in Amsterdam, eaten fondue in a tiny restaurant in Paris, spent days in the ancient medicinal baths in Budapest, hiked through rainforests and swam with baby elephants in Malaysia...

Most recently, we spent a couple weeks in New York City, where I fell in love with yet another place. The buildings taller than you can imagine, the noise at all hours, the distinctive areas...it's huge and glittery and busy and impressive. One of those places that you KNOW what it's going to be like before you even get there, because you've seen the movies and you've heard stories about it...and it doesn't disappoint. Even among all the massive screens in Times Square and the seemingly millions of tourists, I think New York retains a lot of its old school charm. I've never been so enchanted by a train station, for instance, but walking into Grand Central took my breath away

As lifelong travel buddies, when the time comes to jet off somewhere new, my family settles into a pattern. We know what to pack, we can occupy ourselves for practically any amount of travel time {see if you can't after an 18 hour flight...}, we know what plane food to avoid, where we can get into the elite travel lounges, how to say thank you in 10 different languages, and we don't even complain anymore if we have to share beds.

They're the best people I can imagine exploring the world with. And of course, as in every family, when you are cooped up in a car with the same people for 3 days, there are times when you're so annoyed you just want to tranquilize everyone...but when it comes down to it, the amazing experiences far outweigh the bickering about whose elbow is stuck in whose ribs.

We're travel junkies. If we stay in one place too long, we get the jitters, the travel bug, and need to go somewhere new! We have a hit list of places we want to go, and I know we'll get through it all...eventually. I'm the luckiest girl to have experienced all this so far, and with the people that I love. I can't wait to keep exploring, and {more importantly} to keep exploring with them.

My current dream travel locations?: Greece, the Amalfi Coast, Tokyo, Morocco, and the GIRAFFE MANOR in Kenya.

What are yours? I'd love to hear.

Em xoxo

What do you think readers? Are you as jealous of Em's amazing travels as I am? Are your family members good travel buddies? Be sure to head over to Em's blog to read more about her adventures!


Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a great post and the photo is so cool:)
On my short list is Greece and Italy..I've been there before but I am so smitten with those places that I want to go back:)

Kisses and have a lovely day:)

ps: I hope you had a change to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!

Emily Jane said...

What a great post! Love the photo too. I love travelling - my favourite place so far has been Turkey, and Ireland, but one day I would love to go to India and New Zealand too :)

Julia Catherine said...

I was just on the Amalfi Coast! I literally felt like I was in a dream the whole time, it's that beautiful.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Well color me jealous! Em, you have been to some amazing places! How cool that your family travels together!

Some places I would like to visit include Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Portugal. Some day I will get to all of them!

Nora said...

I don't suppose you're in need of another sister!? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Italy and Greece. Those are on my top must-travel destinations :)

Love that photo. Your family looks like a fun group!

Darcie said...

I agree with Nora--I totally need travel buddies!! I've been to Paris, Geneva, and Hawaii, but my travel list also includes Italy, Greece, Australia, the Netherlands, and pretty much any other place I go can in Europe!

Thanks for sharing, this also made me realize that I've been to some fabulous places, places where many other people would like to go, but haven't been able to. That's something worth remembering.

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