Jul 21, 2010

Travel Rituals


Hi readers! I'm off spending time with family this week, so I asked all my guest bloggers to talk about either traveling or family, or both! Today please welcome Kyla from Kyla Roma! She is one of the sweetest ladies I know and I kind of have a blog crush on her!

I love to travel, but when it comes to the US I'm a hopeless romantic. I want to see as much of I can, but I want to see it from the road. Road tripping the US is my version of backpacking Europe, and after five years of regularly crossing from Canada into the states I love the little travel rituals that Mister and I have developed:
  • Smile at the border guards, and pray they don't pull the doors off your car when they search it
  • Kyla will always get lost and discover a great local place to eat, Mister will know where we are at all times
  • Semi-trucks should be greeted with a "Hey Optimus!" because they all look like Optimus Prime (It's a fact)
  • A road trip isn't a really underway until someone eats Combos for breakfast
  • We have to stop at a panera bread, a super target, and a krispy kreme if at all possible, because we only get them a couple times a year
Growing up, we drove across the country to camp in the mountains every year, and it was always a slog. I didn't think I was every going to be a road trip person- in Canada the highways are narrow and the cities are few and far between, nestled beside mountains, canola fields and industry, but driving the US is a lot of fun! Between the interstates, towns and cities you're always stumbling onto another great little diner or shop.
Our tiny rituals hold the trips together, between meeting friends in new cities and exploring the country in slow motion. I think the only thing we're missing is an airstream trailer...
What are your travel rituals?

What do you think dear readers? Do you have any travel rituals? Thanks again to Kyla for this great post!


Diana Mieczan said...

I love those rituals....We always make sure to really dig into the culture and enviroment....I love to feel the vibe of the place:) The breakfast idea is so good...I will remember it:) Thanks:)
Kisses and have a great day!

Diana Mieczan said...

Btw: Today afternoon I will be hosting a great giveaway, so please join in:) ...I bet you both will love it!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Too cute! I love that at some point, someone has combos for breakfast. I love rituals like that.

I have not gone on a road trip for such a long time - probably not until I went out to Colorado for a summer in 2001. I am probably over due. I just usually fly since i am always traveling alone, visiting someone far away. A road trip with a friend (or spouse) sounds wonderful, though!

Mandy said...

I basically live for roadtrips (because I have a huge fear of flying) and love hitting the open road either by myself or with friends. Like Kyla, I at some point will end up lost but its just another opportunity for some exploring.

Amber said...

One day, we want to roadtrip across Canada staying entirely in Canada, and then roadtrip back traveling down into the states!

This fall will be my first time EVER crossing the border in a car and I'm a little nervous about the process!!

Lisa said...

Ahhhh road trips! Some of the best fun, ever. I love them! Our rituals? 1) Bijan has an uncanny knack for making the best road trip mixed tapes, EVER. To this day, if I hear any of the songs that he put on some of our road trip mixes, it takes me right back into the moment. 2) Always have a camera on hand. 3) Plenty of snacks is a must! 4) Sometimes, the scenic route is so beautiful, it will take your breath away. And sometimes, it will delay arriving home by about 4 hours. ;) But Bijan will always insist on taking it...

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Every year on our way up north camping we make a mix cd. Also, licorice and combos are mandatory. We like taking back roads and eat at the most random places.

Stephany said...

I love, love, love road trips! They are my absolute favorite. And I also love Kyla's little rituals, especially involving Panera Bread & Target! Hehe.

nora said...

If I'm going on a road trip I ALWAYS buy a crossword puzzle, goldfish crackers, junior mints and a dr. pepper. It's my road trip food =) I make a new CD mix (yes, that's right, I said CD) for the trip as well and listen to it until I can't take it anymore!

Other than that, it's imperative that I have at least *one* good book, a comfy hoody/sweatshirt and my camera.

The Optimus Prime semi comment cracked me up; it's pretty true :)

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