Aug 17, 2010

Chicago style: the wedding!

At long last, a few pictures from the wedding! As you can see, I didn't go with any of the hairstyles I was thinking about. I told the stylist to make it look pretty, and that I wanted it low in the back and she did a fabulous job!
But I of course had nothing on the bride. Just look at that smile!
And yes, that would be her doing my eyeliner. (What can I say? Without help I'm a little bit of a chicken.)
The flowers the groom sent his bride - gorgeous, no?
And they loved happily ever after...
Thanks for being patient with me getting these photos posted! The wedding was so much fun - and it was the first one the mister and I had to fly to get to - we felt like total grown ups!

Are you a big picture-taker at weddings or are you more in-the-moment kind of person? (And if anyone has any last questions for Ben be sure to comment today - he's going to start working on the answers soon!)

Happy Tuesday!


Diana Mieczan said...

I wish I would make more photos but I always forget to do so...hahaha..

Your hair looked stunning...She did such a good job:) The bride looked so weddings:)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It depends on the wedding. If it's a really close friend, I am usually a picture taker. I like capturing candid moments v. posed ones, though. Granted, I have more than my share of posed photos of groups of friends, but I love the 'in the moment' photos best!

You looked gorgeous - as did the bride!

Charbelle said...

Wonderful pictures!!! The bride is so gorgeous!! Love your hair!!! I tend to forget to take pictures, I love having them but rarely remember to take my own.

Mandy said...

I LOVE your hair!! I also love taking pictures at weddings if I'm with my friends or close family. Looks like so much fun. You crack me up with your eyeliner.

Emily Jane said...

Lovely pics! I take TONNES of pictures at weddings. I'm going to have to enlist the help of someone to do the same for mine! :)

Nora said...

I tend to take a lot of photos. It's my nature, especially if I'm in the wedding. However, if it's an old friend/acquaintance I don't see or talk to much anymore, then I don't care quite as much as awful as that sounds :-/

Lucy The Valiant said...

These are gorgeous pictures! I can't ever bring myself to take pictures, I just think 'I'll remember exactly how everything looks, of course!' Aaaand then I completely forget!

Amber said...

I love taking photos at weddings! At Eric's cousins wedding a few months ago I was all over it. The bride didn't have a professional photographer and so EVERYONE was taking pics. It was actually a little silly haha

Gracie said...

They're so adorable! I like your hair, fancy but not overdone.

Stephany said...

The last wedding I was at, I took maybe 2 pictures. I'm just terrible at capturing moments...I feel so awkward!!

You got some pretty awesome pictures though. Yay for weddings!

HC said...

I LOVE your hair! And the pictures are great!

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