Aug 6, 2010

Highs and lows

Happy Friday! Welcome to a new series I'm trying out: high/lows. I'm going to try to incorporate this every Friday - maybe just a sentence or two, but I want to give a high and low point from each week. This week my highs outweigh my lows by a lot which makes me happy because I feel like this week was dragging.

  • I'm loving Twitter. I was worried I was going to get an account and have it be a pain, but I'm really enjoying it!
  • I wore this dress to work Wednesday and received three compliments within 10 minutes of being in the building - incredible way to start my day.
  • I've been thinking a lot about this blog and things I want to do with it and I'm really excited. (More to follow!)
  • I'm going to a much needed ladies night tonight to catch up with friends and having a Gilmore Girls marathon with another friend tomorrow. Simply glorious.
  • Loving that the mister is enjoying his new job so much. Every day he comes home and tells me something funny his boss said, or another cool thing he's discovered.
  • Amber's posts each day this week about loving her body as a part of Operation Beautiful
  • This guy:
The mister and I were near a Chick-fil-A earlier this week and he was walking around greeting everyone. Love it.


  • Getting sick last Friday and have it carry into this week. I'm feeling much better now but I hate using sick days.
  • Not getting enough sleep. I have no one to blame but myself for this - I have to start getting to bed earlier. It makes everything slower - my weight loss, my motivation to work out, etc.
  • My stupid left knee. I've talked about having bursitis, but I'm wondering if it's not more than that. I've been in a lot of pain lately, and it's not necessarily during or after a run. (This is in addition of icing, gel, hydration, etc). I'm still doing the couch to 5K program but at this rate I'm wondering if I'll be ready for a 10K by November. (I should have been done with the program by now but I'm only halfway through it). We'll see what the doctor says, but I might have to do a 5K first. (I've been training darn it, I'm running something in the fall!)
What are your highs and lows this week readers? Have you been following Amber's posts? If so, what's something you love about your body today?

Have a great weekend!


Breathe Gently said...

I'm only recently back on board with the Twitter (after having accounts but never actually using them) but I quite enjoy it now! It's good to be able to keep up with everyone!

Love the dress! It's really cute on you. :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oo, I like this! When I was in college, I was a waitress and when I worked with this one bartender, we'd always start our shifts by talking about our high/low of the day. Lovely tradition!

Hi: Cooking dinner for a cute boy who fixed my coffee table & installed a kitchen sink sprayer for me. Color me smitten. :)

Lo: My terrible run on Wednesday morning where my pace was about a min/mile slower than what it should have been. Stupid freaking humidity. Stupid freaking 5 am alarm clocks. Grr...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend ahead of you! :)

Charbelle said...

That dress on Wednesday is fabulous!! I'm so thankful for ya'll about the Mister's job!! Happy Friday!!

Gracie said...

Is your knee swollen? Bursitis could have progressed to ruptured bursa (swelling would be prominent; may be bruised).
High: Getting an amazing deal on Ebay for some sharp white slacks!
Low: Sleeping in and missing church. Oops!

Amber said...

Funnn! I'm glad you liked my posts this week!!

High: Eric being here!

Low: Being exhausted from balancing running/Eric time/working extra hours and not getting enough sleep. I am SO looking forward to sleeping in LATE tomorrow!

Nora said...

I agree with the low of not getting enough sleep. I've totally embraced my night owl-ness and have been up until MIDNIGHT everyday the last two weeks. It's super annoying.

High: getting a kick a$$ grade in my finance class as well as getting three packages from blog friends all on the same day. I felt so loved on Wednesday!

HC said...

Glad you had such a wonderful week! I heard about Operation Beautiful on the radio last night, I'm going to have to take a look and see what it's all about, I could use a little lift in the "how I think about myself" department!

High: Getting more into the blogging world! I've had some more time (at work...oops) to look around and got some great ideas for improving my blog (now to get some time to implement them :)

Low: Being so tired that I feel like I am ignoring my family. Hopefully sleeping in tomorrow and taking the weekend to reconnect will help!

Dani said...

The lack of sleep can affect joint pain too. I would suspect that it's just inflammation from the training - try motrin for a few days and at night before bed, put biofreeze or tiger balm on your knee with an ace bandage or soft brace. See if it's better in a couple of days but if not- get into the doc ASAP because she's right, it could be something bad.

High point: a lovely dinner with friends the other night, unexpected and in the middle of the week.

Low point: there have been stressful points so far but I know the absolute low is going to peak this weekend: I have to ship out a bunch of friends bound for Afghanistan. It's the only bad part about being a deployment manager.

Anonymous said...

what a novel idea! it's nice to put the week in perspecive like this; it really helps to focus for the weekend.

HIGH: i ran yesterday[for 10 minutes - 10 straight minutes] for the first time in over 4 months! my ankle hurt like a sonovagun later on, but it's feeling pretty good this morning. i may bounce back from this surgery after all!!

LOW: getting into an argument with the hubby about [details in] spending time with his family. =o( that's never fun.

happy friday!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Awwpoor knee. I need to get back into my running. ;) Your dresses are super cute. I ended up buying one at Target and would have bought the one you bought in blue or purple but they didn't have it in my size.. boo..

high - taking my cousins daughter to the zoo
low - feeling like a lard ass

Stevie said...

So sorry you've been sick and that your knee's been bugging you, but YAY for Twitter and that adorable dress! I felt the same way about Twitter - I didn't really understand the point of it until I actually tried it out. I'm not on all the time, but I've been having fun with it.

Have a great weekend!

Angela (the diet book junkie) said...

hope your knee get's better real soon! i bet you'll be fine for the 10kms, you still got 3 months. i know last year i had hip problems and only started training 2 months before race day: i finished in the top 20% of women! you can do it! :)

my high: getting new Nike's
low: not being able to use them (quad still doesn't want me to run)

Kyla Roma said...

I'm sorry you're having problems with your knee, that would be so frustrating!! But I'm glad that the mister is enjoying his job, that's such an incredible blessing.

My high: Figuring out our financial situation this week, so we're ready for an upcoming job change & finding out that we're okay! :)

My Low: Summer colds! I was sick and then Mister was taken out. So lame!

Stephany said...

I'm sorry to hear about your knee! It really sucks when there's something you want to do, but can't due to physical problems! :(

High: Finding out my ankle is fine and I can run. YAY!

Low: Coming back to work after a 5-day vacation! ;)

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