Aug 2, 2010

I shed more than a dog

Seriously. It's out of control. I could make an animal out of all the hair that comes out of my head every time I take a shower. But I think I'm almost ready to cut my hair to donate it - what do you think? Last time I updated you my hair looked like this. Now, it looks like this (excuse the crinkle in it, I had it in a ponytail before taking these):
Halfway down my back! And when I tip my head back, it touches the top of my waist.
I haven't measured it, but I've got to be getting close, don't you think? However, my question for you readers is do any of you know good tips on how to not shed so much? This can't be good, right? When hair comes out, doesn't it mean it's breaking which means it's unhealthy? Or no?

What do you think? For those of you who have donated your hair before do you have any suggestions? Any of you out there with long hair have easy up-dos to beat the summer heat? Happy Monday!


Breathe Gently said...

My hair sheds LIKE CRAZY. Like, all year round. Jason has to actually sweep the carpet in our bedroom to get it up, because it's too much for our vaccuum to handle. Really! I don't know what it is.. or how I'm not bald yet. ;-)

Your hair looks so thick and healthy though - and it looks amazing!

Nicole said...

I recently found out that excessive shedding can be due to low iron counts. I shed all the time, and I know the last time I tried to donate blood I got turned away for low iron. So there might be some truth to it.

It looks like you're getting really close to being long enough to donate!

Kyla Roma said...

I'm the same way! It's not as noticeable now that I have my short hair, but I think it's natural. You have gorgeous thick hair, I guess your body just thinks you have some to spare ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The longer my hair gets, the more I shed... So I think it's probably normal?

It will feel so good when you cut it off! I remember the feeling well! I didn't have anyone to measure it since I live at home, so I had a female co-worker measure it for me at work so I would make sure I would have enough for a donation!

Gracie said...

I cut my hair short this Spring and it has always been pretty long (it grows quickly). I noticed immediately cleaner drains and bathroom floor!
I think it's the same number if hairs falling out, but it seems like more when it is long because there is so much more to each hair.
PS if I had your pretty hair I think I'd want to keep it, not donate it!

Diana Mieczan said...

I think its something to do with low iron in your system...There are very cool shampoos that help with that too...Yoour hair is really long and so pretty:) Love it!!!

Btw: I got your email and I will write you back tonight....Sorry for the late reply but we just got back home last I didnt have a chance to do it yet...But I remember!!!!


suki said...

I say the same thing about my hair. It's a good thing we vacuum ALL the time! :) You could make little monsters out of the hair in the drain. :P And your hair looks so healthy. It's not breaking b/c it's unhealthy. Rather, people are supposed to lose a lot of hair a day. You just grow it all back quickly! :)

Meg said...

What a great idea to donate your hair! Very generous. :)

Nora said...

Well, I've heard that it's normal to lose 40-100 hairs per day! More if you are on certain kinds of birth controls (believe it or not). You could try more conditioner and washing your hair just every other day, conditioning every day, and see if that helps! I lose an insane amount of hair, but I think it's just because I have a lot of it in the first place. At least I tell myself that's what it is... =)

Amber said...

You're a brave, brave lady growing your hair out in the summer! I LOVE my short hair and don't think I could handle having hair that long! Lol. I have no idea how long it has to be to donate, but I think you're getting pretty close!

Ally said...

I shed a whoooole lot, so I hope Nora's right that it's normal! Mine is pretty thick, so I don't think much about it until the drain gets clogged. Yuck.

Mandy said...

I have really long hair too and shed like a damn dog. Its ridiculous really. I think its normal. Also spin pins!! For real. I wear them in my hair at least three times a week. I also braid it a lot and wear it in a pony tail. =)

Shannon said...

I also think it's totally normal to shed quite a bit. I know that my iron levels are fine but my long, thick hair sheds more than my cat.

And I'm no help, my hair pretty much stays down all year long, unless I'm sleeping when it's in a big loop on the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

Okay here's a loop thrown atcha. I'm black and my hair is close to midback. Ever since I've allowed my hair grow past shoulder length; the shedding has gotten crazy! I do however have a history of anemia, but have recently finished my prescribed iron pills to where my iron levels should be normal. I've tried different moisturizers and oils and it seems like no matter what, I end up having little black spider looking balls on my floor that have scared the crap outta me quite a few times! (petrified of spiders). Any suggestions???

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