Aug 27, 2010

I'm a baking machine

Happy Friday! Remember when I said I was going to review a product for CSN? Well say hello to my new mixer!
I needed to test it out, so I got to baking. I found this recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Muffins from Pam over at For the Love of Cooking and they turned out pretty well if I do say so myself...
...aaaand then I decided to make chocolate chip cookies as well.

Pros of this mixer:
The beaters are two different sizes. (See first picture). I thought this was really weird at first but I realized it helps mix the batter faster and more thoroughly.

The beaters are easy to put in, they stay secure, and there's a little eject button which makes cleanup go that much smoother. (Always a good thing).

Cons of this mixer:
I purposely got this mixer because it has five speeds. When I first used it I was nervous because even the lowest speed seemed really fast. It was almost too much for mixing the batter for the muffins, and I was frustrated because if the lowest speed was too fast, what would the fifth speed be like?

However, I think it might have been what needed to be mixed in the batter. I literally could have stirred the ingredients together for the muffins, but when I made the cookies the lowest speed did an excellent job of mixing everything, and quickly as well. It took no time at all to mix it all in.

Overall I'm glad I got it and I will definitely be using it a lot in the future. (For recipes that require more than a few stirs, that is!)

Speaking of recipes, this tied nicely in with my four simple goals for the fall. So far I'm doing really well! The muffins were my new recipe this week, and I'm already carving out more time for the mister.

At the beginning of the week I told Ben that we should have "rest time" each day. It's so easy for the two of us to come home and just go into "what needs to be done" mode, not taking time to connect and talk about our days. We always joke about taking a "rest" (when really that means one of us is taking a nap), but I told him I thought we should take 10 minutes every day when we both get home to just lay and relax and talk - no cell phones, no computers, just us.

It has been glorious. It's amazing what ten minutes can do each day. A couple times it's turned into 30 minutes just because we get caught up talking to each other! (Can you say awesome?)

How has your week been? Are you doing any simple goals this season? How are you doing with them? What's your high/low this week?

My low: lack of sleep and long days at work that leave me so drained I was literally in tears.

My high: yoga. It's amazing what one hour can do to restore my peace, and the achy-ness of my body. Also, I'm headed to the doctor today to discuss my crazy finger and my knee - I'm hoping he says I just need to get them both drained and then I'll be good as new. (I'm very aware there's a 99% chance that's not going to happen, but hey, a girl can dream, right?)

Happy weekend everyone! To the ladies in Minnesota this weekend I'm thinking about you - have a great time!


Breathe Gently said...

Oh my, they look awesome. I REALLY WANT A MIXER. haha. I don't know how I've lived three years without one.. Must.. invest.. ;-)

Alison Kinsey said...

Those muffins and cookies look so delicious! Good job girly! And perfect idea for you two to take that time each day, I can see that it would minimally strengthen your bond which is great! The simplest things can be great ways to connect. And thank you for sending in your questions via email! :)

Charbelle said...

OHHHH those muffins and cookies look YUMMY!!!! That is so cool about the 10 minutes with the mister and that is so important that y'all do that!! I just read about the ladies in MN weekend, wow that's going to be awesome!!

BFraze said...

Perhaps the reason the mixer was too fast for the muffins is that most muffins are not mixed with a mixer; most are stirred. A good thing to try it on would be a cake mix.

Emily Jane said...

Those muffins look absolutely fantastic! I LOVE zucchini in muffins - I may have to try out that recipe for myself this weekend :)

Megan said...

Mmm, everything looks so amazing. Send me a cookie! :D

Shannon said...

Rest time sounds like a fantastic idea, it's so easy to just slip right into laptop or tv-land. Especially now that I just want to hand over a screamy baby when John gets home and go crawl under the covers!

my High this week: kinda obvious, right? BABY!
my Low this week: lack of sleep!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

sometimes anthony and i talk after a long day but usually he just wants quiet, which sucks cuz i want to gab gab gab !!! last night we had a nice 2 hours together where we talked (albiet he failed to listen about what i said was for dinner haha) went on a bike ride, went in the pool and made dinner together. then we commenced to our usual spots on opposite couches!! ;) it sucks when i am home all day and he is at work all day cuz i am raring to go at night and he is beat!

Amber said...

Good luck at the doctor today!

My low: my training has been all messed up lately and I don't like it.

My high: my mom surprising me!

Anonymous said...

very cool to see this post, especially since I am, at long last, buying a mixer this weekend! No, really! I have to stop using Nor's. And it really steps up the whole baking-something process.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My Low: Email from E last Monday

My High: Showing the girls my city this weekend! And chatting on the phone w/ you yesterday!

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