Aug 26, 2010

My latest obsession - a guest post

Hi readers! Please welcome the next guest blogger in the series of wanting to hear from you - the lovely Nora! One of things I loved most about Nora when I met her was how comfortable I was around her. I felt like I could tell her all kinds of things - even stuff I was totally slightly obsessed with. Today, she's here to share an obsession of her own.

Hi Everyone! I'm coming to you today from Walking With Nora to discuss my a new infatuation: Whole Foods. I'm sure for many of you this is not a new store and it is not really for me, but you see, I just recently learned how to really shop there. As much as I'd love to be a 100% all-natural organic food person, I simply can't afford it right now. However, I can get key ingredients at Whole Foods, like milk, flour, sugar, cheese (I suppose cheese isn't a staple for many people, but it is for me), my vegetables, and my cooking oils. I find that by buying the things that aren't consumed in just one meal, it spreads the cost out a little bit over a few weeks or months, and I'm thrilled to have more healthful ingredients in my food.

I've also discovered some other fun things at WF that are totally unnecessary but still so much fun:
* 100% organic cotton tees, v-neck and scoop. They are only $10! Ten dollars, people! They come in a variety of colors and they look great layered, by themselves and are light enough to go under sweatshirts/sweaters without feeling all bulky. Plus at only $10 a pop, I don't feel so bad when I buy two or three of them in one shopping trip.

* Lip Balm. I've heard horror stories about certain products used in certain other brands and while I'm not totally sure if it's all true (yes, I've done research but it's still kind of spotty), if I can go all-natural, I will. The Lip Balms at WF aren't exactly cheap but they smell good, last forever, and have absolutely nothing bad/gross in them for your body. I have one in my purse, one in my make-up bag, and one next to my bed at all times. Perhaps I'm a little obsessed but I like my lips to be un-chapped, you know?

* Black Cherry Soda. I wrote about this on my blog last month but they have the best Black Cherry Soda, made with real sugar, no corn syrup. It's such a special treat and since it's all natural? I can't even drink a whole can (thus saving on calories). It is amazing with pizza, Mexican food, or just with a handful of Goldfish crackers.

* CUPCAKES. The bakery section? To die for. Seriously. And it's not super unreasonable when it comes to prices either. Same goes for their cheese department. And bread... and, the chocolate aisle. I have fallen in love with the caramel filled chocolate bars. So delicious.

* Organic potato chips. Just yum. Pair them with Black Cherry Soda above and you've got the perfect movie night treat.

WF poses a double-threat to me (and my wallet) right now, as it's next to my other non-grocery favorite store: Target. I've learned to exhibit serious restraint when I pass by these two stores.  

What's your current favorite store and/or favorite must-have staples?

What do you think readers? Are you as obsessed with Whole Foods as Nora is? Do you think she'll still be friends with me if I tell her I've never been? And who else is craving Black Cherry Soda?


Diana Mieczan said...

I really love Whole Foods...I didnt know there are $10 tees...I want a few of those...hahah...
I am so craving cupcakes right now:)


Anonymous said...

hmmm, i definitely wouldn't say obsessed, but there are MANY merits to whole foods... like their hot bar and indian food. good GOD that is some stuff! i wish we lived closer to one, i would prolly shop there more often, cost notwithstanding.

Gracie said...

You're right, Whole Foods is a mecca for cheap and delicious bulk cheese!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, I had no idea they sold t-shirts at WF! Who knew! And yes, $10 is a steal! Good to know that cheese is a reasonably priced there as it is also a staple in my diet. :) Yesterday someone brought chips and cheese dip for treat day and someone responded to all was like "Lisa, there is CHEESE." I responded and said, "Be still my heart. Cheese is my true love."

Fun post, as usual. :) Staples in my diet right now are baked potatoes, string cheese, and the occasional McFlurry... ;)

Amber said...

I have never been to WF! The closest one is in Vancouver so I'll have to check it out the next time I'm down there. I've heard AMAZING things about their vegan and vegetarian baking!

Nora said...

Becky, of course we can be friends even though you've never been to Whole Foods. The only reason I went the first time (in all honesty) was to get organic pet food for my dog. Then I started wandering the aisles. Then I started to fall in love. Thanks for letting me guest post for you today love! <3.

Ally said...

I used to shop at Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck!) when I lived out west, but I haven't stepped foot in one since I moved back east. I think I just kind of got over it and got tired of seeing my cash eaten up so much faster than in a regular market. I find that I can get a lot of vegetarian/organic items in my local market. Hooray for that :)

Kyla Roma said...

I've never been to a whole foods, if you can believe that! We have organic markets here and I love them, but I still do most of my shopping at a normal grocery store- we only hop out there for the special things :)

Stevie said...

I do love Whole Foods, but I usually go to Trader Joe's for my natural/organic foods because it's much cheaper. I used to work next to a Whole Foods, which was SO dangerous! The whole deli/salad bar area is filled with delicious stuff.

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