Sep 7, 2010

Answers from the mister (Part II)

Hi readers! Today is the second part of the answers from the mister, and I was cracking up putting this post together. Again,  I tried to group similar questions together. Enjoy! 

Nora asked, I know you like art, so if you could pick one painting/sculpture to depict your love for Becky, what would it be?
That is a very difficult question to answer. I would pick a scene or a storyline to do for that, because it's extremely doubtful that just one piece of artwork could explain something so complicated and vast.

Shaina asked, Who is your favorite artist?
I have a long list of artists that have influenced me and they are from all different corners. Joe Kubert, Andy Kubert, Will Eisner, Sean Gordon Murphy, John Romita Jr., Albrecht Durer, Al Williamson, Jack Kirby, Frank Frazetta, Frank Miller, Toby Cypress and many others.

Shaina also asked, Boxers or briefs? Or boxer briefs? 
Actually all three. I prefer a variety depending on what activity I might be engaging in, as long as they did their job of covering (or showing off), whatever the case may be.
Favorite color? 
Black - and that's all I'll say otherwise you'll have to hear about color theory
Favorite place you have traveled to? 
(Northern) New Jersey - I was there for school and fell in love with the place. It's a little hard to explain - for me when I was walking around I felt like I clicked everywhere and never felt out of place while I was there.
Place you WANT to travel to?
Italy or some countryside in Europe always seems enjoyable to me. I'd leave Becky at the hotel room and go look at a bunch of art before she woke up so she wouldn't get bored with my need to stare at work for hours upon hours.
Dream car? 
1965 Mustang
Dogs or cats?
I'd really like a cat/dog hybrid, that would be kick ass because I like both for different reasons. The hybrid would be even cooler though cause it would be intelligent and low maintenance but would answer my beckoning call for running or rough housing.

My mom asked, How does Becky REALLY deal with stress? 
Becky likes to yell "uuuuuuuuugggggghhhhh!" when I stress her out, other times she just goes a little crazy and ignores the stress.
How many hours does she have to be up before you are allowed to speak to her?
Typically she talks to me first, I'm the grumpy one who grunts angrily when confronted with conversation.
Is she a cover hog?? (Thanks mom!)
Becky's answer will be that SHE doesn't get enough of the covers because she wants her friends to side with her on the fact that "wives" can do no wrong, however this is a monumental lie. During the night she will cocoon herself and talk vividly to distract me while she wraps herself so that I won't interrupt the sacred process (cover stealing) of beauty sleep cocooning.

Megan asked, Who is or Becky?
Well since there are only 2 choices, I would have to say ME.

Charbelle asked, With Becky doing the running thing how do you support her and have you been tempted to join her?
I made sure she kept up with the running she was doing - making sure it was on her list of things to do for the day. I was tempted to join her in the running, but one time she came back and it was too enjoyable to bother her and I wouldn't have had the energy to bug her if I had gone running with her.

Mandy asked, Can the two of you please come back to Wheeling so we can hang out ASAP?

Amanda asked, What kind of work do you see yourself doing 5 years from now?
My hope is that I am drawing comics full time or am a billionaire who wakes up and has a scotch in his hand at 11 AM. Billionaire seems like the more manageable approach with the lack of actual work needed to be done, but I hear that drawing comics is insanely fulfilling and will get you loads of chicks.
If/when you and Becky have kids, do you want them to be artists like you, or have different interests?
If they do turn out to be artists then we'll have more in common, if they aren't then they won't understand my odd sense of humor. It'd be cool but not a deal breaker (and you supposedly have to keep them even if you don't like them is what I hear) so if they have other interests that's fine we'll just have to not hang out.

Thanks for asking all these questions - it was fun to see Ben answer them, and I hope you appreciate his sense of humor like I do! (Did you miss part one? Click here)


Diana Mieczan said...

hahah...thanks for doing those posts..It was so much fun reading them:)
Balazs also loves black and you both so should go to Italy...Its amazing there:)

Alison Kinsey said...

Hahaha he is really funny! Loved learning more about you from his point of view.

Megan said...

Nice Ben! I suppose I had that answer coming :) I also like how if your kids aren't artistic you just won't hang out with them hahahaha :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh he is so funny. This was a good way to start my day. :) I love the first answer. What a beautiful way to answer that question!

And the scotch at 11 am thing cracked me up. ;)

Kyla Roma said...

I love these answers! Ben, I support your billionaire with a dog/cat hybrid lifestyle choice & hope you can make your dreams come true soon! :)

Amber said...

Bahahaha. Ben's sense of humour totally cracks me up. Love this series!

Nora said...

I vote that Ben makes a comic strip depicting his love for you and then you post it here. Yes, I'm serious =)

Mandy said...

I sort of love Ben! In that long distance best friend's husband sort of way. =) I totally support the billionaire plan.

Emily Jane said...

But what if we WANT to hear about colour theory...! :)

Jess said...

YES! Because Jersey is awesome! I knew I liked you for a reason. Let's run away and live in Northern Jersey together.

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