Sep 17, 2010

Great expectations

Last year on my birthday I talked about lessons I'd learned. This year I thought I'd talk about things I'm going to do.

I'm officially in my late twenties, and I couldn't be happier about it. I was having a conversation the other day with Megan about expectations for ages when we're younger; about how we expect to be at a certain place or have done specific things by each year. In a sense that's still true. After all I did create this list, but I'm trying to embrace where life takes me, and not be disappointed if things do or do not happen.
I'm good with where I am. But lists are still fun, so here's the progress I've made on mine. I haven't crossed off very many items, but everything in purple is being worked on, and considering I only created it earlier this year, I feel like I'm in pretty good shape!

1. Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal
2. Take an international trip (not for work)
3. Maybe have a kiddo
4. Read 10 classic books that are known to be hard to get through.  (So far I've gotten through Wuthering Heights, The Way We Live Now, and The Bell Jar)
5. Travel to two states I haven't been to yet. (Then I will have been to 25 out of the 50!)
6. Live in a place that's bigger than 684 square feet. We're hopefully going to be able to move when our lease is up in February - fingers crossed!
7. Continue practicing yoga. There are two classes a week being offered at the gym in my work building, so I'm starting there. (Assuming my knee cooperates of course!)
8. Surprise my husband with a weekend getaway. (I haven't done this since our first anniversary). He hates to be surprised so if I can pull it off again that would be awesome!
9. Participate in some kind of race. (5K, 10K, etc.)
10. Get over all my constant stress about money
11. Learn to like tea
12. See a broadway show in NYC
13. Go to a show or play in D.C. (I haven't done this in years)
14. Become more patient in the car
15. Discover a passion and do whatever it is to follow it. Working on this (lots of thoughts in my head - more to follow)
16. Master a language - and then go somewhere where I can actually use it. (i.e. if I learn Italian, then we have to go to Italy)
17. Assemble furniture without throwing down the pieces and giving up in the middle of it. (Proof)
18. Buy a dining room table and set of chairs and actually use it
19. Get a fancy camera
20. Take a spontaneous road trip with the mister.
21. Have a Christmas tree. (Something that's not possible right now because our apartment is so small).
22. Visit Ground Zero. I had lunch at the top of one of the Twin Towers, and three months later 9/11 happened. (I haven't been back since).
23. Pay off as much of my student loans as possible.
24. Attend a professional hockey game.
25. Buy a car.
26. Meet at least five bloggers. This will be finished in less than a month! I've met Jess, Nora, Mandy, Ally, and am supposed to meet Stevie in October!
27. Play a video game (that does not involve Mario or racing - the only two things I'm good at!) with the mister for at least two hours. (I'm not limiting myself to the amount of times I can die, because let's be real people, that's going to be a lot).
28. Get my finger situation figured out so I can wear some kind of wedding ring again! (For more on this click here or here).
29. Donate my hair to Locks of Love. Getting close...I have an appointment in November and I'm hoping I'll have enough so I can actually donate my hair then - I recently measured my hair and I'm up to eight inches!
30. Keep blogging!

I've tweaked it some from my original list, and I'm sure there will be more changes as I get closer to 30, but that's the beauty of a birthday list. It's my birthday so I can change it as needed!

High for this week: It's my birthday! And I don't have a low!

Have a great weekend readers! Do any of you have a birthday or life list? How are you doing on it? What's your high/low this week? (Um, did you SEE what I got last night?!)

(Photo: Walking Around)


Diana Mieczan said...

I always wanted to make one but I didnt so far:)....Maybe this weekend would be a perfect time to start:)Thanks

Gracie said...

Happy birthday to you! Joseph Campbell is one of my aunt's favorites - so much so that she actually changed her last name to Campbell. Looks like you're making excellent progress on your list, and I love some of these. So many lists are all goal and finance related, but yours has some that are just about living life and being happy!

Charbelle said...

yay!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Love love love that quote!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You've made great progress so far. As you know, I also have a 30 before 30 list, but now i have less than 5 months to get it all done! Eeks. But actually, i will be ok if I don't get it all done. At least it challenged me to do more things that I would have otherwise!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

And Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend! Thinking of you and sending love in Minnesota!

And PS - you will totally make the meet 5 bloggers goal because you'll meet me in April! :)

Dani said...

Have you tried any of the Lego games? I love Lego Indiana Jones. And I player the Lego Harry Potter game at a Microsoft store and it was pretty fun, too.

Have you been to Arizona? Nothing says spontaneous weekend getaway like Tombstone or the Grand Canyon ... ;)

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday, love! I hope this year is one of the best and brings you many wonderful moments and memories!

I don't have a list because I'm not really a list sort of person. I always enjoy reading others though and yours is no exception. Wicked in DC next year, I'll be there. Just sayin'. =)

Nora from Walking with Nora said...

Happy Birthday love! I hope you have a fabulous day. I just love your list; I totally failed on my list from last year (I think, not sure, I 'll have to find it). I love that we share the same birthday month!


The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend!

Ally said...

Happiest birthday! And hooray for birthday weekend! Your list is the bee's knees and so are you!

Amber said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Do whatever you want this weekend, treat yourself and spoil yourself!! You deserve it!! XO

steph anne said...

Happy Birthday!!! :) Having goals are fun & it gives you something to look forward to. Have a fabulous Birthday weekend!

Stevie said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! I love your list. I thought about making a 30 before 30 list, but I haven't gotten around to it...I turn 30 in about a month :-S Oh well.

I hope your day, and your whole weekend is filled with fun things and lots of smiles.

Darcie said...

Welcome to the late 20's club! Happy Birthday dear!

Stephany said...

Happy birthday! I'm making a list like this for my birthday. It's so fun to do things like this and see how far we've come!

Have a great birthday weekend!

Breathe Gently said...

Squee, happy birthday weekend my lovely !!

I think you're making great progress. I wish I could be meeting you this next year, you might just HAVE to come to Sydney! ;)

Lucy The Valiant said...

happy birthday!! and, I've cooked an entire thanksgiving meal, and it is not. fun. at all. Just sayin'

Emily Jane said...

Yay yay yay!! You know how I feel about these lists, and I think you're making awesome progress. It's good to always have something left to strive for, and better to be able to cross everything off! Hope you had a great birthday weekend!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love it! I am working on one but it's not ready for post yet... I keep finding more things to put on it. Had you been working on this list for a while before posting, or were these off the top of your head?

ps. congrats on getting some checked off!!!

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