Sep 24, 2010

This proves how adorable flowers can be

Hi readers! Today I am delighted to introduce you to Katie! I don't even remember how I found her blog, Loves of Life, but I'm so glad I did! I watched her go through her pregnancy and the birth of her adorable daughter, and have always admired her artsy but still so real style. She recently opened up her Etsy shop, Eme*Kay Creative's, and I was so excited I emailed her about doing a feature as soon as I could! She was sweet enough to answer some questions below, but be warned, the amazing headbands you're about to see are going to make you want to buy one. Or twenty.

How did you get started with your Etsy shop?
Well, I started by making some headbands for my daughter. I am one of those moms who's obsessed with headbands on her little baby girl, but I'm pretty crafty, so I wanted experience with making them on my own. I did a little practicing at my kitchen table while Emeline was napping, and started coming up with lots of cute headbands. I just started putting a photo up here and there on facebook as I completed things and then people started requesting orders. Through twitter, facebook, and my blog, I sold a ton of headbands in a matter of a week. I got more serious about making some stock and getting myself on Etsy. I named my shop Eme*Kay Creatives after my little girl, since she was my inspiration after all.

You've already expanded into adult headbands and custom prints as well - do you see this as a fun hobby or are you hoping to make it a full-time business?
I'll be honest, it's a bit more than a hobby now. I work for about three hours everyday give or take. I work only while Emeline naps so I don't forsake anytime with her...afterall, that's why I'm a stay-at-home-mom (for this year, at least). But to stay afloat with some of the custom work I've been getting, I do need to put in a few hours a day. As for the full-time business thing? I would love to ensure staying home forever with my child(ren), so, if it takes off into more then just a little side-thing, so be it. I won't fight it, especially if I get to primarily be at stay-at-home mom. Who can argue that?
Some of the custom pieces Katie has created
 What inspires you to create pieces?
The fabric I find...the people they're for...which is why I love getting custom orders! I can make something which is specific to you and it just feels so much more special rather then making "stock" for the store (which I also do). But, I prefer the custom work. I'm also inspired by my new craft room, which keeps me calm and motivated versus the old kitchen-table routine. (Which only stressed me out by making my kitchen a mess!)

What's your favorite piece right now? Does that ever change?
It changes constantly. I'll make a headband and go, "Oh this is my favorite!" and then the next day...I have a new favorite. I guess it's like a mom and her children...she has no favorites.

Can you explain your process of making pieces?
Chaos turned chic? No? That's not good enough? Ha. Honestly, it all starts with having the mental image of what the fabric flower is going to look like, how many types of fabric I will use, which center embellishment, etc. Sometimes I have a few types of fabric laying out next to others to see if they "work," and often time I dump my button/bead jars out all over my desk to search for the perfect fit. Even though I hate cleaning up the mess, it's worth it to find what looks best. Then, I get to creating. Sometimes I just go with the flow, with no plan. However, sometimes I end up with something I don't like at all and I just throw it to the wayside. I'm not foreign to the artistic process (being an art-educator and all), so this isn't much different.

And last but not least, if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Wow, this is hard. I love food. I'll go with chips and guacamole.

Thanks for answering my questions Katie! What do you think readers? Aren't those headbands awesome? I ordered one for my niece and you better believe when my brother is visiting over Thanksgiving there will be lots of pictures taken of her wearing it! Stop by Katie's blog and say hi, or even better take a peek at her Etsy shop

Happy Friday!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Her items are so darn cute! I love headbands. My friend is having a baby girl this December so I will have to look at getting one for her little girl! I hope Katie is able to make this into a full time gig - would be fabulous for her to be able to stay home!

Happy Friday!

Emily Jane said...

VERY pretty little things! :) I love rosettes on things; I'm yet to have one on a headband but I've been attaching them to clothing like crazy lately :)

Nora said...

I read loves of life too! I met her through a scarf swap I did sometime last year (which I really hope she does again!!) What a fabulous shop and adorable items.

Mandy said...

Very fun! Those headbands are adorable and I can't wait to see pics of your neice wearing one.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Thanks for doing this hun! It was lots of fun ;) I'm sending my readers here today.

Erica said...

Very cute headbands, and both of your blogs are adorable as well. I wish Katie the best of luck in her endeavors to be a stay at home mom. I hope her "little" business takes off and allows her to be home where she wants to be! Cool feature:-) I have yet to buy a headband, BTW, but I think with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming up I'll be buying one before I know it! Haha!

Unknown said...

I have three of her headbands from her blog sale before her Etsy shop was created. LOVE them! And can't wait for my little girl to arrive in less than two months to wear them :)

kBw said...

I have two of her headbands and I love LOVE love them! She is super creative and talented, not to mention sweet!

Amber said...

I LOVE those headbands, they are so cute!! And would look ADORABLE on a little girl :-)

Elle said...

Love it! I ordered my headbands a couple days ago and the patience to wait is killing me!!!!!! I am so excited for them though! I definitely will be rocking them once they come :)

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