Sep 10, 2010

A little off

All week I've been feeling like it's a different day than it is. Blame the short week with the holiday but it's just been overall weird.
Last weekend found me baking like crazy. I made pumpkin chili, pumpkin bread, two apple pies, apple coffee cake, and chocolate chip cookies - all within a three day span! This weekend will find me reading, reading, reading, and celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday.

Highs this week:
  • Emailing with Kyla. We've talked careers, family, and dreams while getting to know each other even better. Every time I see an email from her it automatically brings a smile to my face.
  • Realizing again how incredible the people are that Ben and I work with. Between my co-workers and his boss we've both had a few moments this week where we are simply amazed at how awesome everyone is.
Lows this week:
  • My stupid knee. It was doing great, doing great, but in the past couple days it's jumped from a pain level of two to a seven. Blah.
What does this weekend find you doing? What are your high/lows this week? And have you felt "off" this week as well or is it just me?

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Diana Mieczan said...

I am really ready for this weekend...We are going to have some family time...and I cant wait to read my new book:) Yay!!!
My high...was last night...we had the best time on a wine festival:)
Have a fantastic weekend

Breathe Gently said...

Well, the bright side is a few more highs than lows.. and I hope your knee gets better soon. x

My highlight this week? Parcels in the mail (not your one yet!) and the fact that I'll be in PARIS in four days!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have my 20 mile run tomorrow. I am nervous and excited about this at the same time. It's been almost 3 weeks since I ran 18 so I am just a bit nervous!

High: Going window shopping at Banana Republic, receiving a 'secret sale' envelope, opening it up, and finding out I got 50% off my entire purchase. *Happy Dance* I love BR, and needed a couple of things, so instead of window shopping, i bought a couple of fun things for fall!

Low: Sleeping terribly on Wednesday night and feeling way too exhausted to run yesterday... My mileage is going to be way low this week, but oh well. I am running 20 tomorrow I shouldn't beat myself up too much...

Mandy said...

Can you please add talking to Mandy to your list of things to do this weekend? I feel like I need a marathon phone call to catch up.

I'm sorry to hear that your knee is bothering you again.=( I hope it feels better soon.

Love you!

Nora said...

My knee has been bugging me a bit this week too; so much so that I took Wed & Thursday off from really training for my 10k. Just long walks instead. So that's a low. As is the fact that I had to get up at 5:45 am yesterday morning. That's just torture.

Highs: Catching up with an old friend and scheduling dinner for tonight with her. Reading before bed. Finishing a book in just a few days time!

Enjoy your weekend :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

Sorry your knee hurts!! I've been feeling off all week, because we started school on Tuesday instead of Monday, and then school was canceled for the rest of the week because the building flooded a little. So today is Saturday (right???) and I'm pretty sure it's Monday. Very disorienting!

Emily Jane said...

So sorry to hear about your knee, take it easy on yourself this weekend! Way to go on all that baking... wanna send some up north? :)

My high this week was getting one of my ideas approved and getting free reign to run with it and take it on myself, and also recording my part in a radio play - I was totally scared at first but it was SO fun!!

Amber said...

Ugh, bummer about your knee lady!!

Isn't it great to have good coworkers and bosses? It can make such a difference in your quality of work life! I adore the people I work with!

High this week: My birthday! I had a great time with my friends, felt super loved and it was just perfect.

Low: ... I can't think of one! That's got to be a good sign right!?


Gracie said...

This week IS off :/
Highs: I landed two big contracts this week at work...and I don't even do contracts. Not my job! These are just accidental. One of them is actually going to net our district at least $100,000 and I'm basking! Oh and the SAINTS WON, duh ;-)
Lows: Pharmacy is insanely busy after a holiday, and combining that with flu shots my butt is being seriously kicked. I was so exhausted last night I was eating rum raisin ice cream in bed.
Oh and I'm stealing this idea for my blog. Thanks, hehe.

Ally said...

Sorry to hear about the knee. I hope it gets feeling right soon!

High for me: getting my business going in the right direction and feeling brave about it. Low: realizing that when I'm working hard I just don't have the mental energy to keep up with the personal blog. I'm feeling like keeping up with it is getting/going to be too much, and I don't like to do something halfway.

steph anne said...

You're not the only one that has felt "off" this week. It's hard to believe that today is Friday but I am glad it is though!

I'm trying to get into the mood of fall so maybe this weekend I'll make Chex Mix. Have a lovely weekend!

Stephany said...

Ugh, so sorry to hear about your knee. No fun!

My high this week has to be my job. I love it & feel so happy when I'm there. Always good!

My low is feeling a little out of place at school. A very weird, lonely feeling.

Kyla Roma said...

Aw Becky! You've been making my week too- thank you so much! *giddy* :)

I'm so sorry that your knee has turned again, I'm sure that getting it to 100% is a process but that must be so frustrating! I hope it turns around soon!

Anonymous said...

Aha! I stopped by for a bit of baking inspiration and there it was - your list of all the baking you did last week - what a marvel. I'm headed to the pantry now to see what I can turn into something delicious.

(and yes, the 4-day week we just had was a bit odd, and of course seemed more a marathon week. Lows? hmmm...fretting over a manuscript I needed to turn in...but highs? spoke with the editor who was happy nonetheless. geez, I worry over stupid stuff sometimes.

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