Sep 3, 2010

Savoring the quiet

As weird as it sounds, dealing with my knee issues this week has allowed me to step back and breathe for a moment. (Quick update: I have an aggravated iliotibial band and a slight case of bursitis. I'm taking medicine to help the inflammation go down, but until it does, I was told no exercise whatsoever).

I've been missing yoga a lot this week, but I've been trying to take what I've learned on the mat, and practice it in my daily life. Breathing deeply, sinking into the moment, and letting myself enjoy the quieting of my soul. When I took my first yoga class last year I loved it, but I never realized it would turn into something that sustains me. I credit a lot of the changes I've been realizing lately as a direct result of yoga.

I was talking with my friend A the other day (who also is my yoga instructor) and I was telling her how grateful I am that she's so encouraging. I know at some point I want to try a yoga studio near my house which she will be all for, but I feel like a child on their first day of school. She's gently nudging me forward, telling me, "you'll do great," but I'm clinging to her leg like a lifeline, whispering, "what if no one here likes me? What if their form is better than mine?"

So my low this week? Not being able to practice yoga. But my high? Knowing I can come back to it, that the energy and peace will still be there when my body is ready to return. And taking comfort in the fact that I have a friend and instructor who is helping me become a better person by incorporating this wonderful exercise into my life.

Is there something (exercise-related or not) that has made a difference in your outlook lately? Do you have an encouraging person that helps you in your fitness journey like A does for me? What's your high/low for this week?

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Diana Mieczan said...

I have a common low and high...I am sad that summer is over but really looking forward to fall and wearing boots and cardis:)
Yoga is so good...I agree!
Kisses, my dear

Alison Kinsey said...

I'm glad you can still go back to it! I hear so many positive things about yoga. Feel better soon Becky!

Nora said...

I would love to be able to do that ballet pose on the beach =)

I have to say, Lisa totally encourages me when it comes to running and it's fabulous. She's amazing!

I'm glad that you have someone to encourage you with regards to the yoga thing and I'm also glad, even though it's no fun at all, that you are being kind to your body, knees especially!

My low this week: not enough time in the week.
High: really working on not being stressed out.

Amber said...

Well this post really resonates with me today since I had to cut my run short this morning due to major foot pain :(

I know that it's not the end of the world to miss a run or two, but when I'm SO invested in training for this marathon it feels like the end of the world. For the first time I am having doubts that I will be able to finish the marathon and that's a scary thought.

My low this week: Definitely all of what I just said above.

My high: A delicious pumpkin spice latte I am currently sipping on!

Mandy said...

I have yet to see what yoga is all about. I'm not flexible or bendy. But finding peace is something I am all about.

My low this week: the situation with my job.

The high: drinking beer with my friends and knowing that life will work itself out.

Kyla Roma said...

Having to take that time away is really tough- I think having a comfort zone that you don't want to disturb is really natural though, I was so scared to try yoga the first time because I had no idea of what to bring or anything. Now it's all known & I feel safe about going, but if I changed studios I would have butterflies the first time all over again! :)

My low this week: Still having to go into my old job
My high this week: My new job & the staff party they have planned for tomorrow! :)

Muznah said...

i hadn't even heard of that until I read here. I do hope you feel better soon Becky

Charbelle said...

I hope you're feeling better!! There's an award for you over on my blog :)

Stephany said...

It's so tough when you have an injury but at the same time, it gives you a lot of perspective. I've taken a few days off of exercising because of my thumb injury...and my mom has had to take off 3 months (and maybe more) because of her accident. It makes you even more focused and determined to excercise when you CAN'T for any amount of time.

My low this week: my injury! Eep!
My high this week: family coming into town and having lots & lots of awesome time with them.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope you can return to yoga soon. It's tough when we sort of rely on these activities to bring us balance (like running for me) and then can't do them for awhile (like when i couldn't run for about 6 weeks this past spring).

I am inspired to keep going by Amber. We bbm each day to talk about our runs. that's what gets me out on the roads on the mornings when i struggle to get out of bed at 5!! :P

Hi: Walking into the cabin on Thursday night, getting a huge hug from my nephew Kolin and hearing him say (in the sweetest voice ever) that he missed me.

Lo: Crying about E. at lunch w/ my mom sister/sister-in-law. I know I probably needed to get it out of my system but I thought i was done w/ the tears over him...

Emily Jane said...

Aww, I really hope you feel better soon!

High: My long weekend Chicago blogger meetup! It was all sorts of amazing to see these people in the flesh for the first time, and in such a beautiful city, too.

Low: Exacerbated back pain after the plane trips and three days in heels. But I can't complain, since I kind of did it to myself.. :)

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