Sep 27, 2010


Ragweed is now my mortal enemy. I've never had a problem before (I've strictly been an allergic-to-pollen type of girl), but apparently this year that decided to change. I even ended up taking Friday off because of how crappy I was feeling.
But instead of telling you how many tissues I went through (as fascinating as that might be), I thought I'd reveal a few things I discovered through my sniffling haze this weekend.

*I'd forgotten how good baked potatoes were. I bought a bag of potatoes at the store and have been making them like crazy. Some butter and a little bit of salt and I'm good to go. Yum.

*It is not only possible to fall asleep while watching Gilmore Girls but it's also possible (if you've watched the seasons as much as I have), to wake up two episodes later and not miss a beat because you know what happened.

*When your energy level is low it's easy to get sucked into old TV shows on hulu, because you just don't feel like moving. From now on I'm never letting that be an excuse to watch One Tree Hill. Sorry to any fans out there, but the writing is so laughably bad I didn't know whether to roll my eyes or write an indignant letter to the producers asking them what they were on. (And yes, I'm aware the show is still on the air. I'm not in a place to discuss that right now).

*However, Hulu is also excellent for catching up on all the fall shows that are back. (For those gleeks out there, best Sue Sylvester line ever, "Female football coach like a male nurse...sin against nature." I had to pause the episode I was laughing so hard).

*Sick or not, warm apple cider makes everything better.

How was your weekend readers? What did you do? Anyone else with stupid seasonal allergies? (Tell me ragweed season is over soon, please!)

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Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh sorry about it all...My Balazs has a bad allergies I know how you feel,sweetie
I love baked potatoes so much!!!

Emily Jane said...

Awww I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly! :( I hope you caught up on some rest and feel better soon!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My allergies haven't been too bad thus far - hopefully I can escape allergy season unscathed!

I also am obsessed w/ baked potatoes, but have been all summer. They are my go to meal at night because it's an easy, healthy, filling meal!

My weekend was great, but it was so so so busy. I just thought about it, and besides the time spent sleeping, I was only around my condo for about 3 hours in total... So I was out and about quite a bit. My condo really, really needs some tlc. And my to do list is OOC!

Mandy said...

Hope you're feeling better friend! Allergies are no fun at all. I love the Gilmore Girls. I could spend days watching the seasons and then just start them all over again.

Gracie said...

I love baked potatoes!!! I put anything on them (although butter is best). Sometimes I stir-fry veggies or put a mixture of nice ham, provolone cheese, and fresh spinach (it wilts/cooks on the potato) on top. Yum!

Amber said...

Bummer you were sick, but yay for a day watching TV!

I used to LOVE One Tree Hill in high school but haven't watched it for years. I should really watch it again sometime and catch up - I'm sure my feelings about it will have changed! Haha

Nora said...

Fortunately I have only been sneezing once or twice a week lately but it's definitely a little touch of allergies! I wish they would go away though :) Thankfully my allergy pills help a lot.

This weekend I realized that 21/22 year olds now are much different than when I was 21/22 five years ago.

I also remembered how much pride I still have for my college; our team, the tailgating, the campus. So proud of my school and to be able to have gone there!

Breathe Gently said...

Sorry to hear about your allergies! We don't get Hulu outside of the US (sad!) but I love spending time catching up on shows. Feel better soon!

Meg said...

That's happened to me watching Gilmore Girls. I know what's going on AND I can quote the next line. :-)

Sorry about your allergies! I've always had them but they're terrible this year. Ragweed's on steroids or something. But apple cider does make everything better!

erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE GILMORE GIRLS. I can watch it forever.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

pretty much stayed on my couch the whole time and am back there today. i am having some all day sickness and i just feel like crap. my body is warring with food and smells.

Jess said...

My seasonal allergies are beyond anything, from about mid-August until October. Every year. I want to die, and sometimes just sleep with a tissue shoved up my nose.

(Not really)

(Okay, really)

So yeah. I totally get it.

And ditto on the warm cider.

Nicole said...

I got attacked by the sinus/respiratory infection that has been going around the grad school. So I spent most of my weekend on the couch as well. I hope you're feeling better!

steph anne said...

Warm apple cider is definitely what I need even though it's 100 degrees here. :)

I'm sorry you were sick - hope you're feeling better now. I love One Tree Hill and all the other corny teenage shows.

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