Oct 5, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

I've had lots of random thoughts bouncing around my head lately so of course what else would I do except share them with you?

*I've had songs from Enchanted in my head for almost twenty-four hours. I'm totally okay with that. Love that movie. (How does she knooooow....you love her? You're welcome).

*Does anyone else watch Dexter? I was repulsed by it at first but I now find myself rooting for the socially awkward serial killer.

*Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. I get to be all swoon-y and lovey and obnoxious. Can't.wait.

*My niece is growing into such a little person! She has a laugh now that when you hear it you can tell she's totally pleased with herself and whatever she just did. Love.

*I wish I could go to a doctor's office that's like the one in Private Practice. Do those exist only in California? Or just on TV sets?

*After today I don't have to go back to work until next Tuesday the 12th. Glorious.

What are some tidbits of yours today?

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Diana Mieczan said...

My friend is watching Dexter and she loves it:)...You lucky girl...for having a little off work time...I love that!
Have a great Tuesday,kisses

Breathe Gently said...

Happy anniversary for tomorrow, squee! I wish my doctors surgery looked like any of the ones you see on tv. Mine's more like a 70's flashback! ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

After today I won't be back at work until the 12th, too! :) Super excited for a little break (and to meet Amber and our other friend Lauren)!

I am sort of nervous for the race on Sunday... My legs feel sort of achey today... I am hoping it's just race jitters!

Happy Early Anniversary to you & Ben!

Katie Bailey said...

I LOVE Dexter. You really have to get into it because it's weird at first..but it is a very very good show!!

Happy Anniversary!

Emily Jane said...

Happy anniversary! And I LOVE Enchanted - one of my absolute favourites!! We were at the symphony a couple of weeks ago, and D leaned over and whispered "this sounds like the happy little working song" and it was stuck in my head for a WEEK! :)

Mandy said...

Happy early anniversary! It sort of drives me crazy when songs get stuck in my head like that, generally its songs from Wicked. Wouldnt it be so awesome to go to a doctors office like on Private Practice? I might go to the doctors then.

Today I'm wearing Nevermore OPI nailpolish and I'm sort of loving it.

One of my younger cousins is going to Homecoming this weekend, it blows my mind that she's 15, a sophore and such an amazing person.

Brittany said...

Dexter, YEEES!!! I keep trying to get friends to watch so I have someone to discuss it with. Such a great show - I thought the first season was a little blah but it keeps getting better and better!

If you ever need someone to geek out over Dexter with, you know where to find me, haha...

Happy early anniversary!

Stephany said...

Oh, happy early anniversary! How exciting. And yay for having the next 7 days off!!

Nora said...

Hooray for vacation + anniversary + being all lovey =)

I hear that there is such a thing as a "designer doctor." (which is really a fancy way of saying super dedicated to you doctor). You may them a certain flat fee per year and they are dedicated to you. They do house calls, will travel to see if you need be and etc. The bonus is that they don't take on more than 50 or 100 patients or something and apparently some insurance companies cover it! You still have to pay for each visit but I've heard really good things about these docs. They are prevalent in NYC and California, of course :)

Amber said...

Happy early anniversary!

I cannot focus on work today because I AM SO EXCITED for my trip and vacation that starts TOMORROW!

Happy Tuesday :D

Darcie said...

Yes, I wish my doctor's office was like that! I think that's partly why I keep switching doctors-I'm trying to find ones like the ones on tv!

Stevie said...

I LOVE Dexter. I loved Michael C. Hall on Six Feet Under and love him even more on Dexter. Such a brilliant show!

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