Nov 10, 2010

Bar vs. Bottle

It's a debate that's been going on for years. It's personal, and both sides are determined not to give an inch. And now the argument has made its way onto this blog.

When showering, do you prefer soap...or body wash? (Cue the dramatic music).

I grew up using soap, but sometime in high school I decided body wash was the be all end all when it came to getting clean. You know, the old school bath and body works scents that were only appealing to teenage girls because everyone else realized the smells were waaay too overpowering? (You know what I'm talking about. Cucumber melon baby, all the way).

I just loved the whole other world of possibilities with body wash. You used a loofah, you could lather up as much as you want, and the scent options were seemingly endless. I used body wash all through college and even up until recently, but now I think I've *gasp* switched sides...back to soap.

Shocking I know, but take a breath and bear with me.

Maybe it's the loyalty in me - I started with soap and wanted to return to it - maybe it's the product commercials that I'm sick of seeing for body wash, or maybe it's that using soap is way less of a hassle than body wash (washing my hair takes long enough as it is), but whatever the reason, I've officially made the switch back. 

Confession time - which side are you on? Soap? Body wash? What are you arguments? Would you go to great lengths to defend your choice? I know this is a heated topic, but please, let's keep the comments civil, shall we?

Happy hump day readers!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on yesterday's post. It meant a lot. I figured a little tongue in cheek post was just what today called for!


Diana Mieczan said...

I use only soaps from Lush and I find them amazing..So, Im on the bar team for sure!

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Gracie said...

I use whatever I got for Christmas this year. You know, you always get that bath set from someone! But the debate of preference rages on. I prefer to wash with soap, but it gums up my shower, and even 2 extra seconds of working scrubbing it off could sway me towards body wash.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I use soap and usually use something basic like Dove as it's gentle on my skin. I used to use Bath and Body Works products but they actually have gluten in them and while i am not that super sensitive, I still avoid using them because I know it's not good for my body due to my intolerance.

Anonymous said...

I am a hardcore soap user. Something strong, like Dial, Zest, Lever 2000... I just can't feel clean enough with body wash. I think it comes from all that soccer; playing 2 games a night and coming home exhausted and stinky, body wash just didn't cut it for me.

Nora said...

I use Dove Body Wash presently. I love it; it doesn't leave my skin dry or itchy like some of the body washes out there. It also leaves a barely there scent which makes me super happy.

I can use bar soap, I just don't do it rarely as it seems to make such a mess in the shower, getting soap scum everywhere and reducing the bar to a nubbin of sorts. I use bar soap only when I'm traveling!

Jess said...

I don't use either. I mean, washing is SO overrated. I think the natural scent of my body is way more lovely than any product.


Dove beauty bar, unscented. Used it since I was a kid, cause it doesn't bother my eczema.

Amber said...

Lol this is hilarious!

I am more of a body wash person or scrub myself. I find that soap leaves my skin REALLY dry (especially bars of soap) but maybe I just need to find the right kind?

Emily said...

Bottle and loofah all the way. Actually, I lie. I am a sucker for any of the LUSH soaps!!! xo

Stevie said...

I use soap exclusively because I make my own! After using homemade soap, it's impossible to use anything else. It lathers really nicely, makes your skin super soft, and you can create any flavors you want!

Stephany said...

I'm on Team Body Wash! I used to use soap until I found out the wonders of body wash. And soap just leaves my skin feeling so icky, compared to body wash. Plus, it always squirts out of my hands and it's annoying trying to grab it when it's already wet!

Nicole said...

First of all, when I saw the title I thought the post was about drinking... now onto the argument. I grew up using bar soap and loved it. Recently I've been using body wash just because it seamed easier. But I definitely think that using a bar of soap with a washcloth gives for a much better scrub and clean than a loofah. Once I find some bar soap that I like and use up my body wash, I'll probably switch back.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Soap makes me dry and it just gets gross and I get wierded out about others touching it or using it. Flashbacks to soap covered with my dad's hair as a child.. ughhhhh. I love body wash. It is my go to and I use it as my shavin cream as well. ;)

Mandy said...

I despise bar soap. It leaves my skin dry and I hate the thought of other people touching it. I switched from bar soap to body wash ages ago and never looked back. My favorite is Philosophy.

S.I.F. said...

Oh body wash all the way! No doubt!

Shaina said...

I used to be totally all about body wash, but then I switched to bar soap and I haven't looked back! Right now I'm using Tom's soap and I love it. I also have enjoyed some good 365 brand rosemary mint soap. I like to treat myself to a fancy bar from the organic section of Kroger every now and then - but when I'm not treating myself, I'm all about Dove energizing beauty bar!

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