Nov 19, 2010

The creators

Ah, Friday. How I've missed you. It's been a long week but this weekend is going to kick start a short work week next week, Thanksgiving, and only a few more days until I see this adorable face - in person! (We found out last night they're coming Sunday instead of Wednesday - SO much more time with them!!!)

Not only am I thankful today, but I'm inspired. Inspired by the amazing people who create things. The knitters. The writers. The crafters. The musicians. The free spirits. The ones who have a dream, follow it, and make it come true.
I'm a fan of the show Parenthood, but unlike my fellow fans I like Adam Braverman, but the guy I'm most drawn to? The sometimes bumbling, outside the box thinking, musician Crosby.

I love being around people who create things (hello artist husband). They have this energy about them that most of the time they don't realize exists which makes it even better. Simply put, they inspire me. I've been finding more and more Etsy shops I love lately (thank you handmade holiday), and it's like the creativity I see is rubbing off on me.

I'm dreaming more. I'm writing more, and when I write I'm a lot more deliberate about it, which kind of makes me a creator. Right?

Do you consider yourself a creator? Why or why not? Do you think creativity can rub off on people or is it just innate?

(Photo: Maggie Rose)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I never considered myself a creator until I started knitting and crocheting. I still don't think of myself as creative as knitting/crocheting require me to follow a pattern. ;) But I do create fun, beautiful things!

I heart Adam Braverman, but I also have a soft spot for Crosby!

Brittany said...

How weird, but I am so with you lately. Maybe it's something about our crazy economy drawing us away from excess and toward more simple, handmade things? I don't know.

Whatever it is, I totally hope it can rub off on people. I don't feel I am super creative but I'd love to be able to be more creative. It definitely is not innate for me but maybe there's hope.

And yes, that makes you a creator :)

EmbellishedbyEmily said...

Not sure what I would do if I didn't have an ability to create things. I'd probably be pretty boring. And I certainly wouldn't have a fun side job!! Or main job, for that matter :) Love this post, Becks, and I am so happy you get to see baby Madison so soon!!!!!

Amber said...

I think I've become more of a creator in the last couple of years with my blog and my cooking/baking experiments!!

SOOO exciting you get to see your niece on Sunday!

Nora said...

Oh, I have to say, I'm really loving Crosby lately. He's so cute. I need a mix of Crosby + Adam I think =)

Stephany said...

You know, I'm not all that keen on Adam. And while I love Crosby to death, there's just something about Joel. I love Joel and the way he dotes on his daughter. Ahhh. ;)

Me? I don't really consider myself a creator, but I guess I am in certain ways.

Gracie said...

I make a lot of things. Tons of things. So perhaps yes!

Becka @ life as an artistpreneur said...

Yay for continual dreaming! I consider myself a creator because my life is taking photos but I love creating in general.

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