Nov 12, 2010

A little bit of Friday jumble-ness

(Yes, jumble-ness is a word. I should know. I made it up).
*I learned from an early age that I did well working on a rewards type system. In college this was my most effective way of studying. For instance, I prefer to write a paper than take a test. So for the classes where the scantron tests were inevitable I'd study for an hour and then let myself read a good book for half an hour. Then I'd study for another hour, and then watch a twenty-minute TV show, etc. until I was ready for the exam. It's totally psychological but it works for me.

Today I'm once again adapting the "reward system" treatment. I don't want to go to the dentist this morning at all, but once I do I'm going to let myself read (something I've been too busy to do a lot of lately). I also don't want to get a flu shot, but (as long as the lines aren't long) I'm going to do it - and then reward myself by catching up on shows on hulu. I don't want to clean up the kitchen (I had a little cookie baking spree last night which was fun but created a lot of dirty dishes), but once I do my reward will be cutting my hair tonight.

*Next week starts the second year of my Ten Days of Thankful series. I originally borrowed this idea from Lisa (she does Ten Days of Thanksgiving), and I loved doing it so much last year that I wanted to carry on the tradition! For the ten days leading up to Thanksgiving I'll tell you something each day that I'm thankful for - I'm excited to get it started!

*Remember to pop by tomorrow and Sunday - NaBloPoMo is still going strong and I'd love to hear a little something from you on the weekends! 

*My high for the week: having a long weekend, and letting myself not live by lists - more on that tomorrow. Also getting my hair cut tonight! (I'll be back Monday with pictures!) My low: having long days at work and feeling exhausted. I'm looking forward to re-charging this weekend.

Do you ever use a "reward" system for yourself? Does it work? What's your high/low for this week?

Happy Friday!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, yes. I am always using rewards. I'm always saying, "well, I did X so I DESERVE this treat." The reward isn't as explicitly linked to the activity, though. I more so use hard work as an excuse to give into a craving. ;)

Hi: The Barrister's Birthday. We had a great time celebrating w/ his family and he really liked the gift I got him! :)

Lo: My complexion. It is awful. I want to cry. And then put a bag over my head. Or cover my skin w/ acid and start over, even if that means living as a recluse while my skin grows back. :(

Amber said...

Hahaha I have been rewarding myself with material things a little TOO MUCH lately and my credit card is not happy about it. Hahaha!

"See" you tonight :-)

Nora said...

Can't wait to see the hair cut! Promise you post a picture on twitter!? =)

Highs: No pain in my stupid stress fractured foot.

Los: my emotions are out of control.

Lucy The Valiant said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your hair!!

Stephany said...

I'm the exact same way with studying/writing a paper. I tell myself "just write 3 paragraphs and then you can read 3 blogs!" It's a fantastic system. :)

High: An amazing, amazing, AMAZING run tonight. AMAZING! Also, getting a decent grade on a column I thought was crap.

Low: Drama at work. Ick!

Nicole said...

I use reward systems all the time. If I finish reading a chapter in a text book for class, I'll let myself watch some TV and/or get a snack. Usually I cut myself some clack and just set my goal to a couple more pages instead of the whole chapter. Because let's face it, tax books are boring!

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