Nov 29, 2010


The mister and I are starting the moving process. I've told a few people we'll be moving and they gasp and go "ooh, moving sucks," or give me a look like I'm in for a world of hurt. While I don't love moving, I also don't see it as the worst thing in the world either.

I used to work for a moving company. I packed for a summer during college (literally I would go to people's houses and pack up their stuff), and then I eventually went to the customer's houses to estimate how much weight they had in their shipment, and how many boxes they would need. I know how to pack. I actually kind of like packing. And unpacking gives you a chance to re-create whole rooms in a totally different way.

Our lease isn't up until February, so it's not like it's happening tomorrow, but starting this weekend I'll be packing up the things we won't be using. I don't want it to be a last minute scramble, especially since as of right now I'm supposed to be out of town on the actual moving day. (More on that later).

Granted, it's pretty early to be looking at places but knowing the pricing in this area, we've decided to try and move to a bigger place in our apartment complex. We're not in a position to buy, and as much as I'd like to be out of an apartment, honestly, as long as we're in a bigger space (our current apartment is 684 sq. feet), we'll be set. We've got someone in our leasing office keeping an eye out for specific floor plans that'll fit what we need. My only concern is that something within our price range won't open up in time - because in my mind, staying in this apartment is not an option. (Seriously. 684 square feet. For three and a half years).

But I'm trying not to focus on the worry, and more on my excitement for this move. I guess I figure if I start packing stuff now it's like me willing an apartment to become available.

When's the last time you moved? Do you hate it or do you enjoy certain aspects of it like I do? And please keep your fingers crossed that something bigger in our complex becomes available!

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Hot Pink Dahlia said...

Good Luck...It seems that you def. know what you are doing! It will be so much fun to decorate a new place!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with packing/unpacking. I like it because it forces you to go through your things and figure out what you need.

I haven't moved since July of 2005. This is the longest I have been in one place since I graduated from high school... It's nice to not move every year like I did for all those years, but i look forward to my mext move as I too am ready to be in a much bigger space (my condo is 680 sq ft so I feel your pain!)

Happy packing!

Mandy said...

Confession -- I dont know how to move. I've never done it. My family moved into the house where I currently live when I was 5. When I went to college I dormed at a school that was only 25 minutes away so I didn't really completely move. No one in my family moves really or if they do its just up the road (as in the case of my aunts) or right next door (my brother's buying the house next to ours).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed the perfect place comes up for you!

Gracie said...

Honestly, moving can be a pleasant process. You feel so in control: rarely do you have complete freedom to make keep, throw-away, and rearrange decisions! It's sort of cleansing!
Of course, this is spoken by a semi-pro: I never packed professionally, but with my dad in the military I've moved 13 times.

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, since Dave and I have been married (6 years in January) we've moved 8 times. (I'm pretty sure that's more than most military people--what up?) Anyways, it is challenging, but fun. We always end up cleaning out stuff we don't need every time it happens, and we get to rearrange furniture, the kitchen, etc. That never seems to happen when you stay in the same place, even if you want to. Anyways, good luck with finding a bigger place within your complex. We've done that too--moved a few buildings down. That move was the easiest but also the hardest. It just felt weird to literally pack things up to walk a few buildings down. So we didn't do tons of packing and did it sort of piecemeal--take a box, unload the box, go back, refill box, etc. Anyways, good luck!

Amber said...

Keeping my fingers crossed a good place comes up - you do the same for us ;)

In the last four years I have moved SIX times!! I HATE MOVING! Haha. I can't wait till we find the right townhouse and can move somewhere more permanently!

Jess said...

As an adult, with my husband, I've moved nine times.

In my entire life? I've moved 19 times.

So I think that I take the cake on moving capabilities. I hate it (because I have many many people to pack for), but I also like the part where everything start fresh. I abhor clutter of collecting things, so moving weeds it all out.

Good luck!!

Nora said...

The last time I moved was over a year ago. It wasn't so bad as I started moving little by little, had some help from friends and hired movers for the big stuff (bed, table, futon, etc). I think that will be the way I go from this point forward as I really loathe moving. It's just not fun for me.

Marie said...

Moving is never fun...however you get to get rid of all the crap you dont use.

Kyla Roma said...

I'm a big fan of moving- I did it a lot as a kid and I'm good at it! When we moved into our house we were unpacked in under 12 hours lol

That being said, it's a tiring process- especially when you guys are still on the look out for a new place. Just stay positive and keep encouraging each other- you guys will rock this :)

Stephany said...

I have moved so many times in my life that it's really an old hat. It can be super stressful with the signing of leases and packing everything up and cleaning and making sure everything gets turned off at one place & turned on at another and mail delivery...and yeah. It's stressful.

But it's also so much fun to unpack and spend your first night at the new place! I love waking up on the first night somewhere new! :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

Oooh, I hate packing and unpacking, but I DO love the process of finding a new space. And moving from a tiny apartment to a bigger place is such a liberating feeling! You'll love it!!

Diana Mieczan said...

We moved so much in the last 10 years and it was so stressful but fun too...I love getting to know the new place and unpacking always feels like Christmas:) hahah

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