Nov 5, 2010

Relaxed...or insane?

We are off this weekend to visit some fabulous family and apparently my new take on life is to wing it. (Are you done laughing yet?)

Me, the I-can't-function-without-a-list-in-my-hand woman hasn't even packed! We're leaving tonight! Granted, we're only driving three hours away, we're coming home in two days, and I'll have a few hours before the mister gets home (i.e. packing time), but this is crazy!

I have thrown a few things haphazardly onto one of our couches, and designated those things as "don't want to forget" items. Seriously? It's like invasion of the body snatchers.

So I'm a little rushed and a little relaxed and it's a little...weird. Maybe turning our clocks back an hour this weekend will help?

Happy Friday! Have you ever experienced both ends of the spectrum at once like this? Was it relaxation or laziness or a little of both? What's your high/low for this week?

(Photo: fiddlesticks and funny girls via Walking Around)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have had times when I have been so disorganized when it comes to packing. I am usually the 'pack a couple of days in advance' type, but a couple of times this summer, I simply did not have the energy/mental where withal to pack on a Thur night after a run. So I would pack on Friday morning and leave straight from work... So I would sort of stress during the day about what I potentiallly forgot, but it all pretty much worked out... Except the time i forgot to pack underwear... Oops. My sisgter bought me some on her way to the cabin so it all worked out... But yah - note to you - don't forget ot pack underwear. ;)

Hi: Going out for appetizers & challenging Tom to a game of shuffle board on our Wed night date.

Lo: Losing to Tom. Badly. Doh, I am so competitive!

Nora said...

There definitely have been times (lately) where I'm a last minute packer. I may forget things but I'm getting better at dealing with it. If I'm super excited for a trip, like let's say Florida, then I will pack three or four days in advance and triple check my list.

Have a great trip!

Amber said...

As anal-organized as I am I tend to always leave packing to the last minute. I'm not sure why??

You'll get it all done. And I agree with Lisa, don't forget the underwear (I've done that!)

Have a great weekend :-)

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