Nov 18, 2010

Sipping on bliss

Starbucks. I have a little bit of a love fest with that company. And today? I'm thankful for them.

I know, I know, some of you are rolling your eyes at the big corporation they are, and how they will eventually put small-owned places out of business, but my love for Starbucks in no way interferes with my love for mom and pop type coffee shops.
This is not just a picture I found - this is happening starting today - get on it!

But I can't help it. I love them. Strangely enough, I don't remember the first time I had a Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino (my drink of choice), but I remember the first time I had a Caramel Apple Spice. Back then it was known as caramel apple cider (I think they changed the name so they could sell it year-round), and I was in college, sitting in a Barnes & Noble with a friend of mine talking about books, and school and all kinds of things that you think are vital at the time and then end up laughing about later.

We both ordered the cider and I remember thinking that life was perfect at that moment. How could it not be when you're essentially drinking fall in a cup? Delight.

Surprisingly, even though I have a love for Starbucks, I've never had any of their regular coffee. I'm not what I consider a "real" coffee drinker. I like things that are based in coffee, but don't taste like it. (Ask Jess about the time I was at her house and called her coffee pot a container. Yes, she laughed. A lot).

Are you a big coffee drinker? Do you love Starbucks or is there another place you prefer? Gotta run - there's a peppermint hot chocolate calling my name.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yes, I am a big coffee drinker. I brew and drink 4 cups of coffee every day at home and use the House Blend Starbucks coffee beans.

I treat myself to a latte once a week and Starbucks makes the best latte in my opinion!

I love their holiday drinks! i was bummed that they didn't bring back the Creme Brulee latte this year though. :( The barrister had a peppermint mocha, though, and I tasted it and it was pretty darn blissful.

Coffee is such a 'comfort food' for me. I can't imagine my life without it. But my parents and siblings would feel pretty smug if they heard me say that becuase for years i said, "gross! I will NEVER drink that stuff!!"

Jess said...

Oh, coffee. I'm all about a trip to Starbucks. Especially this time of year-it makes me feel all festive. I can SO do a peppermint mocha. Well, when it doesn't gross me out because I'm gestating. Soon, hopefully.

And yeah. Oh, the coffee container. That really was HILARIOUS.

Mandy said...

I am not such a huge fan of Starbucks much any more, I usually prefer my local mom and pop coffee shop. (They make a vanilla pumpkin chai that puts Starbucks to shame.) But every once in a while I do drink a coffee or specialty drink from Starbucks. I do like the Holiday drinks though. I used to drink entirely way too much coffee so I quit, but not I'm back at it again.

Nora said...

Not a big coffee drinker BUT i love the starbucks hot chocolate + salted caramel hot chocolate. Both so yummy. Oh! the double chocolately chip drink? Even more delightful. I do love quiet coffee shops though :)

Amber said...

I actually have had a bit of an aversion to Starbucks lately - Most of there lattes are just so darn sweet that they leave an icky taste in my mouth. I've started only getting them every couple weeks! HOWEVER, I think Starbucks is a GREAT company!! For such a big corporation I think they do a really good job of treating their employees really well and buying fair trade beans etc.

I LOVE COFFEE THOUGH! We have a local coffee shop that brews the best coffee so I go there once a week and then also drink 2-4 cups of coffee at home or at work every day with just a little half-and-half cream.

Stephany said...

I'm like you: I'm not a big coffee drinker. I'll usually hit up Starbucks every 1-2 months for a mocha frap, but that's about it. I just never got into coffee drinking and I'm trying to find my energy from more natural sources. :)

Stevie said...

I LOVE coffee and I love Starbucks. Seattle is FILLED with tons of smaller roasters, which are all pretty delicious, but I love the flavor of Starbucks coffee. It's really strong and robust, which is how I like mine! I know people like to talk s**t about the evil of Starbucks, but you know what? It started as a tiny, local, coffee roaster and became popular and continued to grow - which is what most business owners would want. So I am perfectly happy giving them my money :-)

I drink my coffee black or with milk/cream in it. I don't put anything sweet in it. My drink of a choice is a double tall non-fat (non-fat milk foams better than other milk!) extra hot latte.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I love coffee. This summer I would sometimes brew a half pot and drink it all yummm.. I prefer it black unless I have a really good creamer like Caramel hmmm.. I am really wanting a peppermint drink from Starbucks soon. I am going to have to stalk their website and decide which one to buy so I don't get lost when I order one haha. Though the one in town, I can't stand because thye were very rude last time I went, but I do like our Starbucks inside BN

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