Dec 13, 2010


I'm taking a page out of Jess' book and just writing all the random-ness that's been in my head this week.

My mouth hurts. I've been to the dentist three times in the past month and it's far from being over. Thank-you-last-dentist-who-I-didn't-really-like-and-am-now-vindicated-in-that-feeling-since-we-discovered-you-never-did-x-rays-and-I've-had-cavities-for-awhile-that-need-to-be-taken-care-of-yesterday-right-now. Don't get me wrong. The dentist I go to now is really nice and very good, but tiny mouth + four numbing shots + three cavities filled and an hour and a half in the chair = sore mouth.
 Mmm...don't those berries look good? Too bad I can't open my mouth enough to eat them.

I walked outside this morning and thought man, it's cold. I mean, it's in the 20s! Then I get an email from Lisa telling me it was -8 degrees, but -25 with the wind chill. Holy sh*t.

Speaking of Lisa - I get to MEET HER in April. Like in real life - she's coming to D.C.! I think the exact sentence I emailed her when we first started talking was, "I think I just peed my pants."

Oh, and speaking of traveling - I get to travel for work in February and I can't wait. (Ukraine here I come!) More to follow - like how I will be gone when we have to move so the mister will be moving everything himself. (Relax. I'm packing and unpacking everything, he's just doing the heavy lifting - and he'll have help). I figure as long as I don't get reprimanded again, it should be smooth sailing.

This whole blogging not on a super tight schedule? Loving it. It's so freeing! Blogging has never been a chore for me, but I wanted to be consistent as I established my blog, and now hitting publish whenever I'm in the mood? Delightful. (Oh, and hi to my new followers! Yes, you. I noticed. Thanks for reading!)

How's your week going? Any random thoughts rattling around your head lately? How cold is it where you are? I'm off to ice my jaw!

(Photo: Daniel Hurst)


Anonymous said...

ughh I hate the dentist!
I really like sweets and used to be not-so-good at I've had my fair share of cavaties, I know how you feel! :/ (also my dentist says I have the 2nd smallest mouth in the world)
I hope the pain goes away quickly!!!
and the Ukraine trip sounds exciting!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yah, it's bitterly cold here today. Again. And we are getting more snow this week. Probably only 2-4" but still. I have no idea where it's going to go. The city is a disaster after our storm last weekend... I am sort of a in a bah humbug mood right now.

BUT I get to meet my friend's baby boy tonight so things are looking up (hopefully, assuming she is up for visitors!).

And I get to meet you and Ben in April!! Woot woot!

And hurray for going to Ukraine!! What an adventure!

Nora said...

It was 4 when I woke up here today and it was like -10 with the wind chill or whatever, so yeah, cold weather = NOT FUN.

Other random things on my mind... um, this stupid ear/sinus/throat infection I have? It can go away any day now.

Also, Wisconsin and Missouri are too far apart.
You are also too far from me too =)

I would like to do nothing but listen to Christmas music, read blogs, write blogs, and relax from now until Christmas. I don't think it will happen but it would be nice!

Amber said...

It's actually surprisingly warm here *knock on wood*

I can't wait to be on holidays next week and go home to see my family for Christmas! It cannot come soon enough!!

Jess said...


It's so great to just dump your brain a little, isn't it?

And I'm so with you on the random blogging schedule. I like to blog whenever the yen strikes me.

Mandy said...

Blogging when the mood strikes is the best thing ever. I don't do well with a schedule. At all. I hope that your next dentist appointments go smoothly. Was great talking to you tonight.

Everything I complain about the cold, I think about Lisa and the Canadians. And about moving to Florida.

Emily Jane said...

Blogging whenever you want is VERY freeing indeed! And I hope you feel better soon!

steph anne said...

Ugh, I hate going to the dentist. I'm so overdue for my visit and I have it coming up in January. Soooo not looking forward to it! Feel better soon though! :)

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